The wind gusted through the grove of trees, and Bob the Bee spun off course!

"Bob! Your honey!" Shouted Zera, his sister. Zork, his best friend, fluttered under the dropping jar. Zork was a crazy strong butterfly- his wings could hold almost anything.

"Few. Thanks, Zork! Mr. Flutter would have been mad." Mr. Flutter was Bob's neighbor. Mr. Flutter was a dragonfly. He loved the honey that Bob's mother made.

"Bob! You forgot the cookies!" Someone shouted from behind them. Buzzy zoomed up, trying to catch up to them. Buzzy was Bob's other sister. Bumble, her best friend, was right behind her. Bumble was a lady bug, and was always dropping things. That's why she was called Bumble. But her real name was Beatrice.

Suddenly there came a FLAP FLAP FLAP from below them. It was Zork! He needed help lifting the heavy pot of honey. Uh oh! It looked like it was slipping. What would they do? They couldn't let it fall! It was Mrs. Bee's last pot of honey! Mrs. Bee was Bob's mother. She didn't have another pot of honey to take over to Mr. Flutter! What would she say if it fell?

All four bugs raced down to help Zork, but it was too late. The pot of honey fell, and went falling down to the ground! But just in time, Bob raced down to the ground and caught it.

"Yay Bob! Woo-hoo!" Shouted his friends. The group of five raced toward Mr. Flutter's house, making sure that the honey and the special dragon-fly cookies didn't fall down on the ground.

"That was a close one. Thanks for your help, guys. Now lets make Mr. Flutter happy with these special treats!" Bob said as he rang the doorbell.

"Why, what do we have here? Hello, little bugs. Is this your mothers special dragonfly cookies and a pot of her special honey, Bob? Why, hello, Zork, Zera, Bumble, and Buzzy!"

"Hello, Mr. Flutter!" Said all the bugs.

"Why don't you come in for some nicely fresh baked chocolate-chip cookies and some of this honey, as a thank you for bringing this over?"

And so the bugs delivered the treats safely and got a nice snack as a reward.

All the bugs happily agreed, and the six settled down for a nice treat. As they were munching on the cookies, the clock striked 6 o'clock.

"Oh, no! Bob, we're going to be late for dinner! " Said Bumble. But right after she said that, it all happened in slow motion. Zork's wings hit the jar of honey, sending it flying. It tumbled through the air, and smacked Bob's chair, sending him crashing down on top of it. Bob lay there, in the middle of a huge mass of sticky, gooey honey. All the other bugs rushed over to him.

"Are you okay?" Said Mr. Flutter, leaning down to offer a kind hand. His old wrinkled face looked worried . He tried to pull Bob up from the mess, but Bob was stuck.

"I''ll go get Mrs. Bee! Oh, goodness, Bob! Geez, I'm so sorry! Oh, my..." Zork flew away towards the house, muttering to himself.

A/N: This was intended to be a one-shot, with possible other stories including Bob the Bumblebee and friends, but I got writer's block and decided I would post a second chapter to conclude the story when I got past the writer's block. In the meantime, I would love to hear what people think! Please leave reviews! This was actually written quite a while ago for a school project (we had to compose an orchestra piece based on a story we wrote first) and it is meant for a relatively young audience, which led to exclamation points being included, even though I cringe at using them in other stories. Somehow, other writers pull off the occasional exclamation point. How do you do it?