Have you ever seen someone you love die…right in front of you? The feeling that you could do nothing about it, and that it might have been your fault? But is it my fault? I'm looking at him, he's dying…right in my arms. What do I do? I'm scared…

Chapter 1

"Please, please!"

"You slut! How could you do this to me?"

"I am nothing of yours!"

"The hell you're not." His harsh grasp tightened around her throat, her feet elevating in the air.

"You should not be so angry, you knew, and have known. I feel nothing for you."

"That is what I love about you Helena, your spirit is so strong; even on the brink of death." Helena smirked, only driving his desire for her to grow stronger, anger building inside him. "You are mine!"

A liquid fell upon his face, an almost silky substance, "Now Helena, spitting on people isn't very polite."

"Neither is strangling them." She barely spat out the words. Her arms were struggling to hold on to his arm; her slender body fighting against panic. Helena's mind was racing, trying to find a way to escape, but his tight grip had greatly deprived her brain of the necessary oxygen to function properly.

"So beautiful when you are in deep thought, I still remember our days growing up together, from the first moment I saw you, I knew you'd be mine, and mine alone. I remember staring at you from afar, especially when your mind was in thought. Only back then when you looked at me, you smiled. Now I can see your eyes are full of hate and pain, why?"

"You're really asking me why?! You made my life a living HELL!"

"Oh? How so?"

"You murdered my father! The only reason I had left for living!"

"He was in the way. After he grew ill, I saw you less and less. That old fool was going to die anyways, I just sped up the process." His cold amethyst eyes narrowed on hers, scanning her body. He saw part of her mark on her exposed shoulder; he imagined the way it ran down to the small of her back, the thorns gripping her skin tightly, beautiful.

Helena could feel his eyes on hers, she was disgusted at herself for being so weak, so naive. "Put me down." Her voice was almost a whisper. Her body calming in a rage as her memories returned to her.

"You mean to be calm, but I can see it in your eyes. Anger flows in you, are you remembering our little quell? Does it frustrate you that you trusted me whole heartedly?" A low laugh grumbled through his thick throat. He lowered her so her feet touched the floor, but his hand kept a firm grip on her neck. He was amazed, even in this darkness, her white lime eyes were clearly visible.

"Let me go"

"Never again, my love."

"You know nothing of the word! I love someone else!" She could feel his anger seeping out of his body.

"You love me!" He lifted her body again, this time he thrust her to the opposite wall, her body crashing, and falling to the ground.

Even as her body roared with pain, she laughed, at him and his misery. "Did it bother you seeing me walk to him when my father died? Even though at the time I knew nothing of your involvement?"

"Him, HIM! How could you run to him! Was I not there for you you're entire life!? Watching you, and saving you!?"

"Saving me? When the fuck did you ever save my life?"

"When I got rid of your flesh and blood! I saw your pain, and sadness when he grew ill. I decided that if I got rid of him you'd quickly recover and we'd be together again." A weak and demented laugh came out of his mouth. "Little did I know that you'd already met him!" He hated how shrill his voice sounded, or maybe it was just him?

"Even if you hadn't killed my father, I'd still never love you." She could feel the frost of her tone, and judging by the look in his already crazed eyes, so could he. "I don't care what you think of me anymore, it is true, there was a time when all I looked for was you're approval. I smiled in my sadness just to see your eyes shine. I saw you as a brother, nothing more. Now I know how damned foolish I was to have those feelings towards you."

Helena saw his body move toward hers, he was small in stature for a man, but he was quite strong and agile. She saw his intent to kill, and knew there was only one chance left. "You won't kill me." She tried to show confidence in her voice, but she knew it was shaky.

"You think so?" He stopped in his tracks, but Helena kept her eyes in a cold stare; she was damn sure she wasn't going to drop her guard.

"I love you, Helena. That fact hasn't changed, but if you will not chose me, then you will die. Right here, right now."

"It is too late for me to go to you now." His body stayed frozen.

"What do you mean?"

"He is with me now. What I mean is…I'm carrying his child." Helena heard the gasp for breath, as she told him this, she never kept her eyes off his. "You are many things, but I know you would not kill a woman with child." Her voice was still a bit shaky.

"With child…child…you had sex with him you whore?!"

"You have absolutely no right to discriminate me like that! He is the only man I've ever been with!"

"He is not man!" He could feel the cold on his face from that disgusting liquid of his eyes. He felt so pathetic, but she was right, he could not kill her now, especially since…

"You will die, you know that, right?" He was surprised at how calm his voice sounded, as was she.


"You really are a damned fool, Helena."

"That may be so, but I stand by my decision."

"And you are aware that this is forbidden? If the Royals were to find out-"

"Of all people, you are the last person I'd expect to threaten me with the Royals. Especially considering who you are."

He cursed at himself, she was right. "So I'm assuming that you want me to leave you to die on your own then?"


He chuckled a bit, "Such a straight forward answer." He paused, thinking of what his strategy should be. "Very well."

She wasn't sure if she'd heard correctly. "Very well." She whispered that back to herself over and over. Was she crazy?

"Leave, Helena. Before I change my mind."

Her feet hauled her body up, almost stumbling back. As she walked away she paced backwards, refusing to give him her back. With her hands she maneuvered around the old abandoned homes, feeling her way back from where she came. Once she was far enough she turned and ran, but not before taking one last look at his eyes, that beautiful amethyst staring back. She had expected his eyes to be sad, or angry, however, what she saw was anticipation. Her mind quickly cleared the thought, all she wanted was to get back, and formally declare her lineage to her unborn child.

"Run Helena, my love, I shall leave you alone, for now." His mind ran wild with eagerness for the day her child was born. He would watch from afar, and strike when the time was right. That child will make for a fine specimen.