She met his eyes

"We'll be friends, right?" she asked, and he nodded.

"You want this, right?" he asked and she nodded.

Their eyes locked – no one said a word

"This is for the best." She said, trying to convince him and herself.

"You were my best." He admitted.

No one made a move

"I don't want us to lose what we had before, just because we didn't work out, you know?"

"I know." He answered simply.

Their shoulders touched briefly

"You think we'll make it work? Being friends again, I mean… after all this?" she questioned.

He told her what he believed in. "We will. We always do."

There was silence – and since time didn't stop for them, they kept going

"So, is this goodbye?"

"Yeah." And they walked away.

The only things heard are the ticking of the clock and their footsteps as they pass each other

"I thought you guys decided to stay friends?" her best friend questioned her

"We did. But…" she replied and looked away

"So it didn't work out… again, huh?" her best friend filled in

She let a tear fall

"Oh, come here." And when her best friend hugged her

Every tear drop fell.

Walking away from each other.

"You should have fought for her." Her best friend said when they coincidentally met.

"I wanted her to figure out what she really wanted." He answered.

"Do you even know what you want?" her best friend asked him.

He smiled sadly, "All I know is, I'm better with her."

The words were left unspoken

"Don't go." She waited for him to fight for her.

"Tell me to stay and I'll stay." He'll do whatever she wanted.

Even the overflowing emotions were repressed

"I'm still in love with you…" he was her first love

"I'll always love you." she was his last

And promises left broken.

"We'll always be friends, right?" she said

He smiled, "Always."