may our peace lose us in the desert
of a lifetime shattering

may we find grace in each other's arms
in a tantalising embrace

may we erase the unshakable bonds of those
that came and devoured the world

(you say it like you can't say it was)

may our presence be hidden in the minds
of a hive in the cityscape

may we cover our traces without the blood
in family soon lost, long forgotten

may we remember ourselves in our skin
that shows where you end and i begin


i saw you first
it was an unfortunate incident
you passed me by in the aisle

you heard me and i you
misery speaks in volumes no one can hear
this time me and you, you and me
we spread our wings to fall down

this here is a flower in my hand, wilting
your misery is mine and mine yours now
till i find you broken-down and put away
to take as mine, giving you what i am
what i will become, what you will make
of me and of you

(is it to conceal our fates?)


this will be a great time we'll have,
you and me
me and you
oh don't you cry
your rickety tears don't stand on the sand

your tears will be swallowed by the desert, my love
should you choose to relinquish them
i must insist, my love, my darling
why must you ridicule us here and now?

it all starts here, with a dream, with our dream
cease your tears now, oh your screams
hit my skin like knives, my beloved
why must you hurt me here and now?


our pieces strewn and sewn together
together forever never ever
you are mine and i am yours
we sounded much better in our dreams
reality is harsh, it breaks the words
into tiny pieces of gruelling shame
but not you and me, me and you, us
never ever forever together


i gave you a dream you spurned with rain
no more mystery for me and you, you and me,
i'll steal your ghost away, in disguise
you'll tire my bones out, in spite
but this is the final time you are me and i am you
relish it with care while it squirms in your palm
my love, i'll take everything back to never return


how many times
will we stand to collapse?
how much time
till we grow to be scraps?

you were my god
the child of a god, untainted,
for a time uncountable,
it took me not so long
to realise gods are all dead
and so are you


(for now)

A/N: Influenced by my Blonde Redhead albums. Some lines have references to the lyrics, just because.