"You had it coming."

She looked at me

like the pathetic puppy

I am.

"I'm sorry, but you did have it coming."

She took the tip of her toe

and touched

my useless legs.

"Having sex with your brother is wrong."

I could only smile.

"Karma is a bitch, you know.

Sex with relatives is so wrong."

It's not like I asked him

to rape me.

It's not like I told him

I liked it.

"Well, you're pretty broken, aren't ya?"

She smiled.

A sick, twisted smile.

I thought in my head,

yes, I am broken.

Rape does that to you.

She laughed to herself.

"Good girls don't have useless legs, now do they?"

A tear rolled down my cheek.

"Ohh, look! I made Broken cry. Awww, poor baby."

She made a cry face.

This life

is beginning to be

not worth it.