The Golden Claw


The Cat Pirates:
Theodore James Catt, a reckless pirate captain
Tigerstripe, Catt's first mate and best friend, ex-dishwasher
Pierre, an enthusiastic French cook
Cleo, a skilled young medic
Crewman 1
Crewman 2
Crewman 3

Mr. and Mrs. Catt, Theodore's mother and father
Alverdale, a shipwright
Benny, a cabin boy
Julian, a snitch
Florence, a good friend of Cleo's, rather important later on
Sailor 1
Sailor 2
Redcoat Captain
Redcoat 1
Redcoat 2
Redcoat 3

And a Very Brief Appearance By:
Phineas Dogg, Catt's current rival, very, very, very important later on