Scene 8: The Captain and his Crew

(Scene opens on the beach and moves to docks, then the Claw)

Catt: Ah, there he is! Tiger! Tigerstripe, hello!

Tigerstripe: Theodore! Oh good, just the guy I wanted to see!

Catt: -grinning- Ah ah ah, it's "Captain Catt" now, Tigerstripe.

Tigerstripe: So you bought a ship, then?

Catt: The likes of which you've never seen!

Tigerstripe: Speaking of which... WHAT are you wearing?

Catt: -turning to show off his clothes- It's my Captain outfit. Like it?

Tigerstripe: It kinda suits you, Captain Catt. So, what are you going to name the ship?

Catt: The Golden Claw!

Tigerstripe: -smiling- How long have you been thinking about this?

Catt: Since I was ten years old, Tiger. The Golden Claw is my much-considered choice.

Tigerstripe: Thought so. It's too good to be spur-of-the-moment.

Catt: You like it?

Tigerstripe: Yeah, actually.

Catt: Great! Let's go see the ship, Tiger! You'll love it!

*Catt and Tigerstripe walk to the docks*

Catt: -gestures grandly- There she is, Tigerstripe. The Golden Claw.

Tigerstripe: -appreciatively- Nice...

Catt: And there's the medic! Right on time!

Tigerstripe: Who?

Catt: The medic I hired.

Tigerstripe: Oh.

*Cleo wanders around, trying to guess which ship is Catt's*

Cleo: Oh, Captain! Hello! -looking at Tigerstripe- Who's this?

Catt: This is my trusty first mate, Tigerstripe.

Tigerstripe: Hi!

Cleo: Hey.

Catt: And that is the lovely-though-not-yet-officially-named Golden Claw!

Cleo: Wow! Very nice!

Catt: Shall we..?

Tigerstripe: Lead on, Cap'n!

*The three go up the gangplank to the deck*

Catt: Pretty, hm?


Cleo: -suddenly turns around- You're a pirate, aren't you!

Catt: Wha- er- ah- um- Yes.

Cleo: Knew it!

Catt: How?

Cleo: You just are. That's all. You're wilder, or something. Anyway, I'm signing on. Cleo Lightpaw, OK? That's C-L-E-O. -grins at Catt and leaves- See you tomorrow, Captain!

Catt: -to Tigerstripe- I think I'm in love.

Tigerstripe: Yeah, well, I think you're insane. But nobody ever asks ME.

Catt: Okay, do you know how to sail a ship?

Tigerstripe: Wait- You DON'T? And you BOUGHT ONE?

Catt: Well, kinda... I took a sailing class once. And I can sail a skiff. It's gotta be similar.

Tigerstripe: -sighs- Okay... This is gonna be a long week. So, first you raise anchor...