Chapter 7: Talks of Truce

Lord Advar sat on his high chair, the throne room was completely empty, the only sound was his own breathing and the crackling torches on the walls. Advar looked down at his wrist, no hand there, just a fully cauterized stump. He sighed, he missed his hand, but he knew he was lucky, it was a silly attack, and he could have lost more than his hand that day.

Then Advar did remember all he lost that day, his entire attack force, Bolger, who sacrificed his own life so he could escape, and his manservant Farin. And to make matters worse, the war had turned around completely on the Knights of the True Cause. The Order Knights had wiped out most of their forces and their various forts across the country, the only city left that the True Cause had control of was Baseleet, along with another small fort called Fort Adaros. There was no lying about it, the True Cause was losing the war.

The throne room door wide, a man in dirty clothes, bearing the colours of the True Cause, a messenger. He walked across the blue carpet, tracking muddy footprints behind him; he carried a single letter, and not bearing the seal of the True Cause (A sword in the middle flanked by two Eagles) but instead bore the seal of the High King of Pamea.

The messenger knelt down in front of Lord Advar, then stood up and handed the letter to him. Advar sighed, "more reports from the field?" he asked. The messenger shook his head, "no sir. A letter from your father." Advar straightened up in his chair and looked at the seal, a crown with two swords crossing it. Impatiently, Lord Advar tore the letter open and unfolded the parchment.

My Dear son Advar

This feud between you and your brother is getting out of hand. He must understand that my decision was final, that you are to be the next king after I pass. Your brother was stupid to turn against the kingdom. However, so were you.

As soon as your brother brought up arms against you, you retaliated with the same level of ferocity. You didn't attempt the diplomatic option. So I will. I have already sent a letter to your brother Tiberius, and Gods willing that he obeys my word.

You and your brother will travel to Fort Sumillion where I will meet you. And don't bother bringing an entire army, just your bodyguards, and NO assassins or spies. There you, me, your brother and several other Kings and Queens of the smaller kingdoms will meet at a Conclave and stop this Civil War. There has been too much bloodshed and the weeping of mothers and wives is commonplace in the streets, and too much to bear any longer.

Please Son, listen to me. You are heir for a reason.

Your father and High King
King Augus Manystar

Lord Advar read the letter again and again, he noticed the messenger was still standing in front of him. Lord Advar reached into his pocket and took out a five silver pieces, he gave them to the messenger, who thanked him and left. Shortly after the messenger left, the throne room door opened again and another man walked in. This man wore shining steel armour, bearing colours of the True Cause, but no helmet. His hair was long and blonde with flecks of grey wisps, his beard was also blonde, wrinkles were deep in his face but his eyes remained young and hazel in colour.

Lord Advar stood up from his chair and clasped the man's wrist. "General Aedan, how do our forces fare?" General Aedan let go of Lord Advar's wrist. "Not good my lord. Many of our forces are in retreat or surrendering."

Lord Advar sighed and looked out of a nearby window, facing away from the General. "General, tell me, have you yourself considered surrender?"

The General's eyes widened, "no my Lord. I will stand by your side until the end, however the men…" the General hesitated,"they miss their families sire, and they've lost their reason to fight. Food and morale is low, I fear our forces will surrender without me giving the order."

Lord Advar turned around to face the General, he held out the letter from his father. The General took it from Advar's hand and read it. "A truce?" the General said surprised, "this might be what we need to build up our forces again"

"No General. We'll call a truce and that will be it. No more fighting." Lord Advar announced.
"But my Lord, I must protest, Lord Tiberius won't just give up like that…"
"Enough General! Look at our men, they're dying on the battlefields in my name and my cause. And I will not have any more blood on my hands."

The General looked down, then bowed, "as you wish my Lord. With your permission I'd like to accompany you to Fort Sumillion, and shall I order the men to only attack Order Knights if attacked?"
"Yes please my friend. The time for bloodshed is almost at an end." Advar smiled as he said this, the General bowed once again, turned on his heels and left the throne room. Advar continued looking out of the window, smiling that the bloodshed would soon stop, and that brothers, mothers, sons, fathers and sisters would soon be reunited.