The Demon Sword Sorataki: Episode 1


Scene starts with a building burning down in the middle of a filed at the dead of night…Inside the burning binding, underground alone girl in a tank filled with liquid in a place that looks to be falling apart. Elsewhere on what looks to be the same building a sudden gimps of a fight happening nearby. Two young boys fighting a man who looks like more of a monster than man. The two boys charge at him with swords in hand and clash with the monster and just at that moment, the Scene once again goes back to the girl in the tank. She seems like she is sleeping unaware of what is happening all around her. People around her are running and panicking trying to escape the collapsing building.

The Scene once again goes back to the two boys fighting, sometime has pasted because now they are on the roof of the building and the monster they are fighting seems beaten up. The full moon shines down on them as the smoke and flames begin to creep up all around then and grow looking like a prison of inferno. The beast man is bleeding and on one knee facing the Tow boys facing him. One of the boys carrying a sword and a pistol runs into give the monster the final blow but was stopped by a girl he seems to know. Scene goes back to the girl in the tank, A man wearing a long science jacket and holding what seem to be important data was escaping stopped and took their time to try and open the tank that the girl was in, but the tank only opened part way letting some of the liquid out but jammed and malfunctioned, stopping. Not enough to help her escape.

Now the Scene goes back to the two boys and the girl on top of the roof of the burning building. It turns out that the girl (The one who had jumped in the way of the boy who was about to finish off the monster) … is on side of the two boy's, because she is now facing the monster who she was once protecting and pointing her sword at him…

Girl holding the sword: Father… I just want to ask you one thing… before I kill you.

Farther: And what would that be... May my child?


The boy with both gun and sword was about to strike Father down but was again stopped by May.

May: It's alright Spriiko…

Spriiko: *Tch!*

Hearing this Spriiko backs down and lets May talk to Father.

May: When you talked to me. You'd say "you are my perfect child. Finely after all these years looking for you I have found you"...

Father:... *Silence*

May: Was there another like me? "IS" there another like me? And if so where can I find her!?

Father: !...

Spriiko: Others?

Other boy who was fighting with Spriiko: And you think he will tell you if there was?

May: SHUT UP SNIPER! Stay out of this!

While May keeps on talking Scene goes back to the girl in the tank.

The man sees that the tank wont open fully and shows a face of disappointment.

May: I need to know... I need to know if I am the only one that suffered by your hands.

Man who's trying to let the girl out of the tank: Such a shame. Just when we finely were able to repeat our last success this happens. Oh Father. We were close... so close.

Father: I'm surprised you gathered that much, just by that one thing I said.

Scene goes back to May Father Sniper and Spriiko.

Father grins proudly.

Father: There where many who were not chosen to become my child by God. They were impure and thus was unable to embrace the pure blessings of the brand I shone upon them... and died.

May:! *Facial expression shows shock*

Scene goes back to the girl in the tank. The man who tried to help her has fled the burning down building and now there is nobody but her in the room. She is still unconscious but slowly wakes up.

Father: But however there was one that was showing promise of surviving the blessing... but... sadly she too was a hopeless case.

Scene goes back to May and you can see tears rolling from her eyes. And in a sudden rage she struck down Father.

Scene goes back to the girl in the tank. She is now fully awake and panicking.

Girl in the tank: SOMEONE HELP ME! GET ME OUT! HELP!

Father: But what am I saying... there is only one perfect Child... the rest... cannot even... compare to your perfection...

Meanwhile the girl is really panicking and becoming very scared. And just when she was about to lose it she let off an explosion of power inside her that shattered the glass tank open from the inside out. From the shock of doing so and the enegy it took form her she fell on the ground doing so.

Scene goes back to the top of the roof, of the burning down building. Father is changing back to his human self He looked like an old high priest dressed old fashioned robes, Bleeding out on the floor dying from May's attack. May, Spriiko and Sniper are jumping off the building. May is still in tears and Spriiko is beside her as they jump off the building and into the nearby forest. Sniper turns back suddenly to the building.

Spriiko: Where are you going Sniper!?

Sniper: I'm going to take down this building and finish off Father... this place will make a fitting tomb stone for him.

At this time the girl who passed out from shock after escaping the tank got up slowly and began making her escape... The place was falling apart and there where dead people who were unlucky enough to either get trampled over by others or just been hit by a falling objects.

She (girl in tank) runs through the collapsing building and more than once she was almost hit by falling rubble.

Meanwhile on the roof... Sniper has just about prepared his most powerful attack. It was a sword made up of pure demon and human energy it was made so large it was about the size of the building. He had his sword pointing up into the sky ready to rain it down on his target. Father being on top of the roof with the flames about to reach him he lies facing the night sky and sees the monstrous sword of energy pointing right to his face. He is bleeding and looks close to passing out from blood loss.

Father: But if she is still alive... though however hopeless she is... then you could say... you had a sister up until theses finale moments.

Sniper strikes down with his sword making the huge energy like sword strike down on father and the building making it explode.

Just around this time the girl was almost out of the building, until the attack that Sniper made impacted on the building, making the whole thing fall down at once. The girl was scared, and in her moment of fear a wing grew out of her back and was able to shield herself from the falling building. The building fell... and the only one to survive the fall of it was the girl. Tired, weakened, shocked and knocking on deaths door she walked like a zombie to where the exit once was. She spotted May Sniper and Spriiko fleeing into the forest. She tried calling for help but her body did not want to listen to her and let her voice out.

They vanished into the night and she fainted there...

End of opening Scene.

6 years later…

Scene is opened to a top of a windy, rocky mountain. A lone girl in some raggedy looking cloak is sitting on a rock. The wind is blowing strongly agents her cloak as well as blowing strongly around her, but she does not seem bothered by it and by the looks of things have been sitting there for a while. Her eye's are closed but it clear that she is not sleeping.

It's the girl from six years back. She opens her eyes and looks over the vast landscape on top of a giant hill side showing rivers and land and miles of forest with a cliff running through it as if splitting the forest into two sections. By this point you'd think that she lives alone in the middle of nowhere but that is proven wrong when a voice is heard calling the girls name.

Voice: Natalie…

Natalie: …

A young boy come up from behind her where there was a slam cave…

Voice: I'm sorry I kept you waiting… I've rested up and am ready to keep going.

Natalie: …

Voice: … So… did you get any sleep thi-

Natalie: Let's keep moving.

Natalie says while walking off ahead.

Voice: -… Understood.

And so Natalie and the yet to be named boy set off to a nearby village. Natalie would swiftly move through the rocks and any other endeavours but the boy although was not too bad at it himself was lacking in grace and speed to keep up with Natalie. Sometimes Natalie will pause for a moment to let the boy catch up before heading off again. There were even times that the boy will totally lose balance thus falling off or down whatever he was standing or climbing. These where normally nothing too bad so Natalie would just wait for him to recover and catch up before running up ahead. It seemed like it's been like this with them for a while.

They reach a river and although Natalie did not look like she had plans to stop the boy was too tired to keep on going. Natalie senses that the boy stopped and so turns around to see why. The boy was panting and could not carry on.

Boy: *pant* *pant* Just give me a moment. I still can go a little further *pant* *pant*.

Natalie could tell he was not going to be ready to go in a moment. He also hurt himself falling off a rock before and it's only gotten worse because he's walking on the leg for long periods of time. She then looks around. It seemed like the best camping spot since the river is next to them and no dangerous wild animals are in this part of the world so no uninspected guests greeting them by the river bed. Plus there where a good deal of fish known to be around the area.

Natalie: Set up camp.

Boy: But I can still keep going if you just give me a second!

Natalie: I'll get the fire wood, you get the fish.

Natalie says as she walks off to the nearby woods.

Boy: I'm sorry…

Sometime later Natalie comes back and the boy is in the middle of fishing made of stick and string from there clock cheerfully put together at the end of the stick. He left a second fishing rod out next to the river hinting to Natalie to join him. She spots it but ignores the rod and goes on to light the fire wood she just collected.

Night falls and the boy is cooking the fish by the fire while Natalie sat opposite him silent and looking off into the darkness.

Boy: …

Natalie: …

Boy: The fish will be ready soon…

Natalie: …

Boy: Not too far now… To the village that is. If what the man said is true then the demon invasion must have happened three days ago. The rumour about the kidnapping that will happen a while after will most likely happen tomorrow or at worst case yesterday.

Natalie: They summon low level demons to invade and scatter the people and then to make it look like coincidence they wait 2 to three days to kidnap any child that are left from the village. Any child left behind after that time either lost their parents to the demon invasion a day or two before or lost their way fleeing from their home. A sick cover-up.

Boy: (This is the only time she really talks.) But what I don't get is how you know that the demons and the kidnappers are all one part of the whole plan? Maybe it is coincidence and the kidnappers take advantage of th-

Natalie: Because that's how they got me…

Boy:! (That's not possible… is it? I was young then so I try not to think about the day my home was invaded… and how Natalie was never seen or heard from for a year.)

The boy has flashbacks of him 7 years ago looking for Natalie not long after the demon invasion.

Boy: (And when she came back… she was not the same.) It would make sense but how can you be sure your right? Low level demons pop up randomly around the world. Are you saying they found a way to summon them up at will?

Natalie: I just know it's them… there's a demon near this spot.

Boy: !

The boy reaches for the sword on his side but Natalie stops him.

Natalie: You can't see in the dark… I'll take care of this.

She wonders off into the darkness with no weapon. Suddenly a flash of lightening lights up the area for a second enough to see a bolt peer shine through the demon as well as the cry of the demons as it died. And just as fast as is begun it ended and she returned.

Natalie: Get some rest…

Boy: (She hardly touched her food… and she never really sleeps because of the power they gave her. Natalie. What did they do to you?)

The boy is asleep while Natalie is just sitting there looking at the landscape. It seems like she could not sleep. She began thinking back to long before she was kidnapped.

7 years ago…

Young Natalie is seen running through a small patch of forest with a boy. The young boy looks to be the same boy who is with her now.


Andrew: I'll catch up don't worry.

They both reach the edge of the forest. Ahead is there home village. It looked like a quiet and simple place where everyone knew everyone. Natalie and Andrew where looking at the village above a steep hill.

Natalie: Made it…

Andrew: I guess we did make it up here. But our home is a little further ahead.

Natalie: Yeah I know that… but let's stop here for a while.

Andrew: What!? But what if demons come?

Natalie: That hardly happens. Besides if any demon comes we will just run fast as we can back home.

Andrew: That's too dangerous… I'm going home.

Natalie: You're such a chicken.

Andrew: I'm not scared! And why do you want to stand out here so bad anyways?!

Natalie: The view… its nice isn't it?

Andrew: Huh? The view?

Natalie: We hardly ever allowed to leave the village because of the demons but if you think about it, it does not really matter where you are no-where is really safe. And when we are allowed to play out we do so, so fast that we don't get to take our time and take it all in…

Andrew: …

Natalie: Mum told me stories of a time when there was green covering the land as far as the eye can see. A long time ago she told me they use to relax on the grass and admire the view. This is the only spot near our home that we can experience that. I have always wanted to try it so you can go home if you want. But I'll be here.

Natalie lies down on the grass and looks up at the sky.

Andrew was about to leave her there but in the end decided to stay with her.

Natalie: You're not scared anymore?

Andrew: No… it's just that I don't want to leave you here by yourself.

Natalie: That's nice of you… going to relax with me?

Andrew: No! I'm standing guard.

Natalie: With that sword of yours? You know that I'm as good if not even better using that than you are. If you want to go back so bad then why don't you leave your sword here so that way I can be safe and you can go home.

Andrew: I-I don't want anything happening to you.

Natalie leans up to look at Andrew.

Natalie: Huh? You really want to protect me?

Andrew turns away to cover his embarrassed looking face.

Andrew: Wh- I mean yes, sort of.

Natalie: Hehe. Well if it is any help I like having you around. And having you as a bodyguard really make me feel safe.

Natalie says whilst lying back down to watch the view.

Andrew: I like having you around you too…

Natalie and Andrew stayed there Natalie lying down and Andrew standing opposite her looking out ahead.

Back to 7 years in the present…

It's morning and the sun has just risen. Natalie is still sitting in the same spot as she was the night before. The boy we now know as Andrew is still sleeping. He wakes up to see her in the same spot as she was last night. He looks to see whether she eat all of the fish. The fire was gone and there was only burnt pile of wood and no sing of the fish.

Andrew: (Good… it looks like she ate all of her food this time.)

Natalie: You're up…

Andrew: I'm sorry I was meant to stand guard so you can sleep. I guess I'm so use to knowing you hardly sleep I did not get up.

Natalie: I got some rest so don't worry…

Andrew: I see. That's good. Shall we get going?

Natalie and Andrew set off. The ashes of the fire wood show a fish thrown into the fire that has not been eaten. Natalie threw it into the fire after only taking a bite of it.

Natalie and Andrew where now not so far from the village. They were running up a hill and just over it was the village. Natalie was the first to reach the top. She Looked shocked at what she saw and suddenly grew dark wings from her back and flew strait off towards the village.

Andrew: (This can't be good!) Natalie! Wait!

Andrew climbs up to the top of the hill also to see the village is has been burnt down.

Andrew: (What happened here?! I knew things will be bad but this?!)

Andrew runs down the hill towards the village to meet back up with Natalie.

The village was a mess. Some houses where totally broken down and others where still on fire a little. Natalie walked through the village passing through the streets leading to a "T" cross road. At the end of the road was a house that caught Natalie's attention. The door was broken down and there were marks on the walls showing signs of demons attacking the place.

Natalie looked around the house and walks on what looks to be a homemade doll for a child. It makes her think back to the time her home got attacked by demons for a moment and then Andrew calls for her making her come back to her senses.

Andrew: Natalie!

Natalie spots Andrew running towards her but also something bellow him following him fast.


She releases her dark wings and head straight towards it. Andrew could tell by her actions something was behind him and so grabbed hold of his sword, turns around to see a kind of demon that can swim on ground like its water. It leaps out with jaws wide open ready to snap at Andrew once it reached him but he was not shaken by this. He made his stance focused his energy onto his sword and struck it down right between its mouth thus killing it. The dark energy he put into the sword could be scene dispersing from his sword. Just then another two appear but this time from both his right and left side. Andrew however still kept his cool and did a quick 180 spin cutting both of them through and turning back towards Natalie who is still making her way to him. The demons that he killed sunk back into the ground.

Andrew: (I've trained hard to make sure I don't get in Natalie's way. I won't be taken down by some low level demons.)

With that Andrew put his sword back in it's case. Just after that Andrew noticed that Natalie was not slowing down although he killed the demons.

Andrew: (Is there one I missed?! Where?!.)

And as if to answer his question he notice sets of teeth on the right and left side of him rising from the ground and surrounding him. He was in the mouth of a big demon that came up from underground. It was about to close up it's mouth but Natalie bust through and punched Andrew out of the mouth just before it closed. Andrew is sent flying out and watches as Natalie is eaten in the mouth of the huge ground swimming demon.

Natalie: NO! NATALIE!

Just then a huge strike of purple lightening hits the huge demon from above with such power that it blew the demon to pieces leaving only bits and pieces everywhere and Natalie standing there in her dark wings form almost like she did not to anything. She walks on and past Andrew whilst making her dark wings disappear.

Andrew: Natalie… I'm sorr-

Natalie: Let's look for clues and then head out and find the people responsible for this.

Andrew: Of course…

A little while later the two are seen at the center of the town. They have found nobody around so they took any food or drink they needed and planed there next move.

Natalie: Most of the others would have fled the village to escape the demons. After a day or two demons that appear in this world normally go back to the world they once came from and so people and children who ran away will start making their way back home on the second or third day.

Andrew: Not all of them will make it back … You think that they are the ones that get taken away?

Natalie: Not all of them no. Some are just… unlucky. The others however… They…

She had too much trouble saying what she wanted to say so changed the subject a little.

Natalie: We need to find the people who do this.

Andrew: And stop them from kidnapping children. Same plan as the others.

Natalie: No this time we are going to follow them to their base… And destroy it!

Andrew: (She's angry… I can tell. She does get angry by this part of the plan but this time it feels more personal. Maybe because this time the village looks a lot like our home village looked like when we were attacked by demons.) So what's wrong with what we were doing before?

Natalie: Stopping them does not work. So this time I'm going to do what I should have done from the start.

Andrew: I understand. If you feel that strongly about it then I won't let you go alone.

Natalie: Ok… thank you…

Andrew: !.

Natalie walks off to the edge of the village.

Andrew: No need to thanks me… (It's not every day she says thanks… I guess I'm right. This one is bringing it all back. The things she would rather forget.)

A while later in the nearby dead forest a little girl is running through the dead trees from something. A sound of a demon roaring in the forest so the girl is trying to keep away from the noise. The sound however is coming from speakers and it seems like she is not the only one that has been tricked because there are now other kids and people running away in the same direction. The all end up on a dirt road where suddenly strong sleeping gas are shot at them making all of them pass out and sleep. A 4X4 with a trailer truck then comes along with people wearing gas masks and carrying weapons come along and take the children and leave the adults. They quickly load them into the trailer at the back of the truck and just like that set off. Natalie and Andrew where watching all this up a tree.

Andrew: This time they used speakers to gather them. They are getting rather claver, those bastards!

Natalie had flashbacks of the time they kidnapped her. It seems like they did not use sleeping gas on her they just found her running and grabbed her and put her in the truck. She remember the panic and fear she felt as the door of the truck closed up into total darkness. She was brought back to her senses by Andrew calling her name.

Natalie: ! The truck! *About to get out of the tree and stop the truck.*

She was about to head straight for the truck but Andrew grabbed her.

Andrew: WAIT! Remember the plan!

Natalie: !

Andrew: We save them after they lead us to their base. Following the truck comes first.

Natalie: Right…

The two of them started tagging behind the truck being sure not to be seen by it. It led them over mountains and roads until it stopped suddenly by a cliff rock. Natalie and Andrew watched from a distances as the guys that drove there came out of the car looking around before revealing that the rocky Cliffside was nothing more than a gate to a base that seems to lead underground. The two watched in amazement as the rock wall opened wider and wider. The people who were driving went back into the 4X4 and drove into the opened wall.

Andrew: (I always knew that the place they kept them was well hidden. But this is something I else… and judging by Natalie's expression… I'd say it was not like this 7 years ago. And to think there are more places like this around the world. Sick bastards!) Huh!

The gate was closing slowly and Andrew knew they needed to move in order to reach it before it close completely.

Andrew: Natalie. Are we going in? … Natalie? Hey! Pull it together!

Natalie was spaced out since she saw the cliff wall open. It was reminding her of the pain she went through in the lab. It scared her stiff. Thankfully once again Andrew got her back to her scenes. She now sees the wall closing.

Natalie: ! Let's go!

Andrew: Ok!

The two of them run for the closing gate. The rate they were both going it did not look like they will make it in time.

Andrew: (She can make it if she fly's.) Natalie! I'll, find another way in! You can still make it if you fly! Don't let me hold you back!

Natalie suddenly stopped running making Andrew pass ahead and then he stopped running and turns around to Natalie.

Natalie: No…

She suddenly seems scared…

Andrew: Natalie?...

Natalie: NO!

Andrew: No? No to what? ! Natalie? What are yo-

Natalie rammed into Andrew grabbing around his shoulder. She took out her wings and was now flying towards the closing gate whilst holding onto Andrew taking him along for the ride.

Andrew: (Wha- WHAT?!)

The two of them where making their way to the gate fast but it seemed like it was going to be a close call. Natalie saw this and began moving faster by using her lightening powers as a boost. They made it through in time but brushed one side of the gate and fell on the ground Natalie is still hugging Andrew by his shoulders whilst on top of him.

Andrew: That had to be the most irrational things you have EVER don-

Natalie: I'm not coming in here alone… You said you will come with me…

Andrew: !... (She's shaking… I have never scene her like this. This is something the old her would of done.) Well I'm here now… So let's do what we came here to do.

Natalie looked up at him with a kind of grin and got back up on her feet. Andrew was still taking in the whole ordeal and the fact that this has been the most human he has seen her for a long time. He then notices she's holding out her hand to help him off the ground. Andrew grins back at her and takes hold of her hand to pull himself back up.

Andrew: So have you got any plan as to what we do from here? I mean this is the first time we have stormed a base after all.

Natalie: … I don't know…

Andrew: Hahaha. I remember you saying just that when we first ever planed on saving kidnapped children from the vans. We had no clue then… but we just took thing's one step at a time and you could say we are experts in the art of tracking them down now.

Natalie: But this is different. I could ruin someone's life by mistake because of my selfish actions. I don't know how to do things right and it scares me.

Andrew: ( I guess she means the children stuck in this base… If she attacks it they may pay the price for her actions.) Then what do you "feel" is right? What do you think should be done so you have no regrets?

Natalie:… I feel that we should first save the children before putting an end to this place!

Andrew: Right! Then that's the plan.

Natalie: Ok.

Andrew: (After all this time… It finely feels like I'm starting to get the old you back. Even if is only a little.) Now… Let's see where this tunnel leads too… Let's try not to get spotted.

Natalie and Andrew both look ahead up to the long wide tunnel made of iron.

Natalie: We need to get past the doors without being detected if possible.

Andrew: You think that it is possable?

Natalie: Not with the people behind the gate watching…

Andrew: You can see there aura through the walls?

Natalie: It's the only way in so we need to do something about their sight.

Andrew: We are on a rock face so all the light here must be artificial… So all we need is to cut the power…

The guards on the other side are patrolling the gate making sure nobody comes in. Area had lights around to help them see. A purple shock follows up the wire of the light to the bulbs and suddenly all the lights go off turning the place in total darkness. The guards where clueless as to what happened and Natalie and Andrew took this chance to pass through the gate and run through the guards and into the base. Natalie had to hold Andrews hand since he could not see in the dark unlike her. She led him to a steep slope big enough for a tank to fit down.

It was still pitch black and so Andrew still could not see what was going on.

Natalie: I see the children!

Andrew: Good! Then go to where they are and let's find some lights.

Natalie: Damn! Wait here!

Andrew: What?! Where!?

Andrew feels Natalie push him into what feels like a corner and her hand lets go of his. He is now only relaying on his other senses. He hears electric charging most likely coming from Natalie and then a sudden discharge of that electric. Moments after that the guards sounded like they were after someone.

Andrew: Natalie. What's going on? Natalie? (Have we been spotted?)

Just then the noise of footsteps came closer to Andrew. They were the guards but it seems like they can see well in the dark. Andrew kept as still as possible holding his breath as to make sure they don't hear him.

Guards running by Andrew: We suspect intruders in the base! Check every area don't leave anything unchecked!

Andrew: (How can they run around in this dark?! If they see me like this… I'm dead!)

Guards: I heard something coming from that way! Let's go!

Andrew hears the footsteps head off into the distance.

Andrew: (I was not spotted… but how can they move around in the pitch black? I guess Natalie noticed that and distracted them. Whatever she is planning I hope she pulls it off.)

Meanwhile Natalie was hidings on top of the sealing of the building. The guards the pasted where Andrew was where now passing Natalie looking for where the sound of the electronic discharge came from. They had thermal goggles on and with them saw the gate had been opened when the lights went out. That's when they started using them and Natalie noticed this and so hid Andrew so she could move around and take them off Andrew's track by making noise somewhere else. For now it seems to be working.

Natalie: (I can see there aura so I can not only see them I can see the through several layers of wall too. But I don't see the children from here so they must be further down. We may be spotted along the way. I need to get Andrew to move freely otherwise it's no good…)

She looks at the guards with their thermal goggles.

Natalie: (I'll need to get my hand on one of those…)

Natalie then charged up her power and shot it down on the unexpected guards. The thunder shock made the guards lose sight of each other.


One of the guards was separated from the rest by a little. Natalie sees this and takes the chance take him out. In a moment she was behind him and before he could notice she shot thunder right into his spine thus taking him out.

Just around this time. Andrew was still hiding in the dark.

Andrew: (So they must know that there is someone here. And now although Natalie only took out some of the lights at the front gate they decided it's best to keep all the lights off and use whatever they are using to see.)

Just then Andrew heard a sound of someone running towards him. He grabbed onto his sword and waited for the sound to get closer. The sound was getting closer and closer. It then stopped very close to Andrew.

Andrew: (I wish I learned more about fighting with only using sound and touch. I have no other choice but to face them…)

Natalie: It's just me.

Andrew: Natalie?

Just then Andrew tripped on something and fell to the floor.

Andrew: …Ouch… Were where you? And you mind picking me up?

Natalie: Hehe. Here, this will help you see.

Andrew: Huh? I can't see my hand in front of me yet alone…

Natalie: You will be able to see with this.

Natalie puts the thermal goggles over Andrew's head…

Andrew: I can see…

Natalie: Now let's get going. I will explain what going on along the way to the children.

Andrew: Understood.

A little later Natalie has just finished explaining what happened.

Andrew: So you have not seen the children within the range of your sight which has led you to believe that they are further underground? But how are we going to get them all back up without them noticing?

Natalie: Once I noticed that they are using thermal too see I destroyed the bases power core. So nothing here should work meaning the huge elevator will not be in use by them. I will become a power source for the elevator once we get to them and take them to the surface but we will have to get caught at some point so one of us will have to distract them for a while to keep them from noticing the children escaping.

Andrew: So where will we have to blow our cover?

Natalie: The lab… that's where they experiment on the children and bellow there should be a cell where they keep them until they are needed.

Andrew: …(Guess she would know all this.)

The two of them carrying on running down the stair case to the lab. Meanwhile on the very top floor of the lab rock base where was an Intel section the power was out and the people where in a state of confusion as to what was going on. Even though it was the top floor there was still no windows and there cameras did not work.

Intel unit: Epimetheus! We cannot get the power back on! If it was not for the thermal goggles we would be totally blind!

Epimetheus: We have intruders… I can see them.

Intel unit: ! The reports between us and the troops have been slow so we have not received any intruder alert. However we do know that the gate was opened between the time the lights around them cut out. But we have not spotted the intruders as of yet.

Epimetheus: I see them so why can't you?

Intel unit: (What is he talking about? He has been here the whole time… it's not as if he can see through walls. And why is he suddenly been put in charge of this base?)

Epimetheus: Are you calling me a liar?

Intel unit: I said no such thing. (This guy is a total nut case. He's been in charge for a week and all he does is stair at the sealing. He does not want to wear the thermal goggles either. I hear he has powers but he looks like a fool to me.)

Epimetheus: You still don't believe me? You think I'm a fool?

Intel unit: … I don't understand. (What is this creep talking about?)

Epimetheus: Clearly I must be, according to you…

Intel unit: !?...

Epimetheus: Tell me. What's your job here?

Intel unit: (Did he forget or something… well I don't mind reminding this unless guy.) Well sir, I am an Intel specialist. I inform you about the on-going situations on the battle filed. We then give said information to the leader of the Intel unit and he would in turn relay orders on what to do in accordance to the information he was given. (And I was the leader until "He" came along. If I was in charge right now I would have things under control!)

Epimetheus: I see… so that where this is coming from…

Intel unit: ? Epimetheus? (…)

Epimetheus: So tell me? Where are the two intruders right now?

Intel unit: (Ok this guy is useless!) Like I said sir we have not found the-

Epimetheus: I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID! I'm asking: Can you see them?

Intel unit:… no sir…

Epimetheus: And can you contact your men to help find them?

Intel unit: … At the moment no…

Epimetheus: So if you can't contact your men and can't see the intruders which in turn mean you have no Intel to inform me about… then what good are you?

Intel unit: ! (Well at least I don't go about lying around calming to see them from where I stand. Next he's going to ask me how many trap door spiders are above this rock face.)

Epimetheus: One last question…

Intel unit: Sir?…

Epimetheus: How many trap door spiders are above this rock face?

Intel unit: ?! (What!? Can he read my mind!?) Umm I… don't know sir… twelve maybe?

Epimetheus: Wrong… You still think I'm lying?

Intel unit: (What the hell is he?! So does that mean he knows what I think of him!?) N-No! I'm sorry I doubted you! (Please forgive me! I don't want to lose this job!)

Suddenly a sort of black essence appeared bellow the Intel unit's feet and swallowed him whole and disappeared.

Epimetheus:… There are only three trap door spiders above us. You're forgiven.

The other Intel unit watched in surprise as it all happened.

Epimetheus: As for all of you tell everyone to evacuate the base. Go and spread the message on foot if you have to. And make sure the scientists escape first… we need them for the research.

Other Intel unit: Understood!

Epimetheus: (This is a rear pleasure. I have been assigned to this post not too long ago and you decide to attack this base first. We knew you would do so at some point but I feel that it is fate that you come to me first. The only thing I did not really expect is you coming here on a rescue mission… I thought you would want to get revenge over everything else. Experiment B67.)

It shows Natalie and Andrew running down the stairs on the way to the children.