This is my "warning." These little prompt-like short writings (until a real story has been developed) contain three romantic partners. It is a poly relationship. It isn't a perfectly balanced relationship, nor is it going to be terribly dramatic. Which means they don't get really jealous or protective of the other two in the relationship. Besides that, it is three males. If this subject matter and content is not your cup of tea, please don't bother reading.

Thank you.

Character Introduction

First off is Victor. Victor is intelligent. He takes advanced classes and takes school very seriously. He is easily bored and extremely kind. It does not take much for him to feel sympathy or compassion for another person, but it is not rarely apparent. He's reluctant to express it because of society's "males cannot be sweet," mindset. Once a person gets to know him, he is one of the greatest friends a person can have. It takes time to fully open him because he is such a tightly closed book around people.

When it comes to appearance, he has dark hair that falls to his ears. It's the kind of hair one may expect from a "skaterboy." He has glasses and brown eyes, with a mouth that is just right for his face. He is average height; approximately five feet and nine inches tall. While he is certainly not what most consider heavyset, he looks larger when compared to Robin and Alistair.

Then there is Robin. While he is very proficient in math, the rest of his brain is average. He seems rude and unfriendly when first seen. He jeers at adults and is no kinder to his peers. Despite this, he has many friends and people who lust after him. This is because of his appearance. He is athletic and an avid soccer player. He doesn't really get a whole lot nicer even once familiar with him. There's just a certain charm about him that makes it tolerable, and maybe even endearing.

Robin has blonde hair, not much different in style from Victor. His eyes are a light green, with golden eyelashes framing them. His eyes are large and a little reminiscent of a manga character. He is very thin with long fingers to go with it. He is dwarfed two inches by Victor. He has thin, pale lips that make his eyes stand out further.

Now last, but certainly not least, Alistair. He is also an average student, but he is clever. He plays guitar and drowns out the world with music when he feels the need to. Alistair is an introvert among large crowds. With close friends he is playful and has a sarcastic and occasionally cynical sense of humor. He is able to spin elaborate and tricky lies without getting caught in it himself. This makes it difficult to trust him.

Alistair is a bit angelic in appearance. His curly, golden hair brushes his shoulders. His eyes are grey-blue and draw slightly unwanted attention. They catch and hypnotize other's gazes, but this isn't his fault. The color is mesmerizing and only makes it easier to believe anything he says. He has full, red tinged lips.