Victor was lying vertically on the couch, an elbow propped on the arm. Robin sat on the edge of the sofa, his back resting against Victor's stomach. His legs were casually hanging apart since Alistair sat cross legged in front of him, his head tilted back between Isaac's thighs.

The two on the couch played DC vs Mortal Kombat, Victor was Catwoman and Robin was Katana. Victor was just barely losing, but he wasn't going down easy.

"Hah, one more and you're down, ass wipe!" Robin half yelled. Alistair laughed at the two as the song in his left ear phased from the end of Get on Top to the start of Otherside. Alistair straightened his back to crack it before tilting his head back between Robin's legs.

The couch shifted as Korey and Isaac jumped up, Victor yelling "Damn you!" And Robin yelling "Hah! Eat it!" Alistair's head bounced up when the cushion forced it to.

"My turn now," he grinned. "Give me the controller, Victor!"