We rule the world

But only when no one's there

Then it's hectic, order us around

Lower that background, move that chair

Hiding in the wings, outcasts again

Spotlight only inches away

I'll be out there as soon as I can

We are the stars

But only when the classroom lights are on

Then those lights go out and it's black as night

Then comes on the yellow, blue, red and whites

Oh, what a bleak painting

Never said I was complaining

This is where we belong

We have to keep quiet

As the actors say their lines again

But I wouldn't trade it

We're sitting in total peace, but then

The fly comes down and we all scramble

In front of the midblack, put together that table

We have only 15 seconds, that's enough for me

Because when that curtain opens, you know where I'll be

In the wings, watching the magic happen

Where we belong

There's a burning smell

It's creepier backstage

Our mascot is taped to the fly

Lower all the lights down

Try to find the faulty one

Look out, don't ruin the song

It's fixed, we'll move along

When lights and sound tried to open it, all

That we got was a broken wall

Which instantly turned to an anger bout

Call a meeting, start to shout

We only tease because we care, and

This is one big thing we're sharing

Just keep moving along

Oh, turn on the light in the prop closet

It belongs to me, I belong to it

Everyone thinks that we're not so great

And that is a state of mind I hate

It's a common misconception

Please don't get me wrong

Almost there but not quite yet

Isn't why I wrote this song

United together is where we belong

This is where we belong