I was a normal girl who had no problems, no life, and everything seemed to be close to perfect for the moment, little did I know that by me liking one boy that things would turn for the worse, and that I would have to learn to expect the unexpected...

My name was Sara Vern, I was a 17 year old girl and a junior at Sunset Ridge High School. I was average height, had curly brown hair and though I wasn't a popular girl, I wasn't a nobody. I had friends who I loved and "brothers" that I could depend on for anything, but one thing I didn't have was a boyfriend. Love had always been complicated for me. I had faced countless rejections and for now have finally had enough, or at least that's what I thought.

It all started when my friend Laura Evans introduced her new boyfriend (one of my "brothers") named Tristan. Tristan was shorter than Laura and me and had curly black hair and hazel eyes that changed color depending on his moods.

Tristan wasn't one of my closest brothers but as Laura and him kept dating we gradually grew closer and found out more interests that we had in common. Eventually I told Laura that I was starting to like him, she told me to please back off. I listened and tried to back off but that didnt work and my feelings grew stronger, so I hid my feelings.

Two months went by and fall turned to winter and December came around. Sadly Tristan and Laura broke up, but my feelings for Tristan didn't fade. A few weeks later, Laura found out that I still had feelings for Tristan and was furious and set on a war path to make sure I didn't get him. At one point I thought that I should give up, I mean how can I compete with Laura who is skinny, has blond curly hair and blue eyes, basically the perfect child.

Then one day after school I was waling towards my car, when Tristan calls my name and tells me to wait up. I was so happy I could jump for joy, but I just turned around and tried to act cool as I waited for him to catch up. My happiness didn't last for long though because once he caught up I heard a familiar 'wait up" coming from behind him, a few moments later was Laura was standing by his side.

We talked about school stuff for a few minutes till I excused myself. As I was walking away I looked back to ask if they need a ride and saw what could only shatter my heart...Laura and Tristan locked in a kiss. It only lasted a second and then I could have sworn that Laura looked at me and smiled before Tristan turned around and went to say something, but I didn't stay to hear.

I darted to my car and started the engine and drove around the corner, till I stopped the car on the side of the road and finally let myself cry my heart out.

The ride home went very fast, I was pulling into my driveway before I knew it. Knowing my mom would ask questions when she saw my face, I walked through the back door and went straight to the bathroom to clean myself up.

Once I looked normal again, I stepped out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen to grab the pint of cake batter ice cream from the fridge and walked back to my room. As I sat on my bed I put the tv on and ate the ice cream straight from the pint, I did that till I had to go to bed. All that night I dreaded going to school the next morning, not wanting to face the two of them.

hope you enjoyed reading ;)