Once we had left the hospital I hopped in my car and followed behind Marie and Justin's car. When I arrived at their house I wasn't surprised to see that their parents still weren't there and that a HUGE party was going on. I got out if the car and stood next to Sam while Marie and Justin stood in front gazing at the party like party looked wild and made me feel so excited, just like the first time I had come to a party here...

2 months ago,

"Where are we going you guys?" I asked my friends from the backseat of the car. My friend Sam just laughed next to me and shook his head, strange..

I shook that off though and asked again. My question got an answer this time "We are taking you to a real party at our house miss shy girl." My friend Marie said from the passenger seat as she turned around to face me and gave me a wink. I laughed and then everyone joined in including Justin who was in the front seat driving.

A few minutes later we were pulling up to a two-story house that looked like it was getting mugged by a ton of people, or at least till I noticed that the people were all laughing and dancing. If I looked hard enough I could swear that through the windows I could see flickering lights that we're different colors.

"Where are you're parents?!" I said loudly as we approached the house after leaving the car. "They...Aren't around much anymore, we live by ourselves." Justin said without even looking back. I heard his tone of voice and knew not to press the issue further.

When we walked into the house I swear I turned deaf in my ears. The music was blasting all over the house. I looked at the people and was fascinated my what I saw, the whole time I thought to my self 'this is what a party is like?'. By the time I had realized that I walked away from my friends, they were gone. I got scared and started to scan the crowds of people panicking that I was lost in a place I didn't know. Just as I was about to lose hope in finding them I saw Justin waking towards me with two red cups.

"Here take this." Justin said as he handed me one of the red cups. I lifted the cup and instantly smelled the strong smell of something unknown. "What is this?" I said gesturing to the cup. Justin smiled at this and said "It's something that will make this party more fun. Plus it's tasty" As Justin pushed the cup towards my mouth. I let the cup reach my mouth and took a big gulp and started to cough on the strong taste.

"Ugh, what is that stuff! It takes horrible." I said as I put on my most sour taste face. Justin laughed and said "That my dear is hard liquor, maybe I should just go get you a beer instead." Justin then walked away and I started to watch the people still fascinated and also surprised to see that they almost all had a red cup in their hand.

I was snapped out if my thoughts though my Justin walking up and handing me a clear bottle with a brownish liquid in it. "Bottoms up!" I said not repeating what I did last time. Weird thing was that this thing, beer?, was pretty good! "It tastes good!" I said to Justin while smiling. "Good! Now drink up and if you want more there is some in that fridge over there." He said pointing in the direction of the kitchen. "Now let the party officially begin!" He yelled to me and then waked away leaving me by myself with only my new favorite drink, beer.

Present day

"Sara! Earth to Sara!" Justin said to me as he waved a hand in front if my face. "Sorry, just having déjà vu." I said while laughing and then looked around and noticed that Marie and Sam weren't there anymore. "Where did Marie and Sam go?" I asked Justin confused. "I dont know but if you search around the house you are bound to find one of them." He said before shrugging and walking off towards the house.

I walked into the house and wasn't even fazed by the music, from all the times I've come to parties here since then. After scanning the first floor even though I thought it was silly instead of really checking the first floor and backyard/pool deck, I headed straight upstairs to "the cave" or the second floor where all the bedrooms are. I checked the first two bedrooms and found nothing but silly couples making out that we're probably drunk. That only leaves one more door I thought to myself and I headed to open the last door, but I stopped before I grabbed the handle when I heard a familiar giggle. It was Marie's...

I ignored that fact and opened the door to find a half naked Marie on the bed with a shirtless Sam on top of her kissing her. I felt tears start to build up and then I felt the anger come bubbling up. "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" I yelled at them with tears falling down my cheeks. When they both heard my voice they looked up and there faces slowly changed from happiness to not a look of sorry, but of getting caught. "Look Sara.." they both tried to say but I didn't let them get past that. "No you don't get to talk! You both betrayed me!" I yelled at them and then pointed to Marie "And you my own friend, how could you betray me by sleeping with my boyfriend at a party I'm at!" Then I pointed to Sam. "And you! I trusted you! And this is how you repay me! Also if you haven't gotten the memo, we are Sooo over!" I said yelling at him and then turned around and slammed the door.

As I tried walking through the hallways with ears clouding my vision I ran into someone. "O sorry, excuse me" I said to the person without looking. "Sara? Is that you?" I heard the familiar voice of Justin said. "Yea" I said back to him with no emotion. "What happened?" Justin asked me sweetly. I always felt special when he showed his sweet side to me, he always puts up a front of the dark and non-caring guy but deep inside he cares about the people close to him and is really sweet.

I decided to tell him the whole scenario and by the end he was shaking so much and I could tell he was really pissed off. "Where are they" He said trying to say it calmly, but failing. "It's ok im fine, So Justin just calm down" I said grabbing and holding his hands trying to calm him. What surprised me is that instead of shaking my hand off he tighten his grip in my hands and pulled me onto his chest. I looked up and looked into not his usual piercing blue eyes but into caring blue orbs, and then he did the one thing I never thought he would...he leaned down and kissed me. I responded back to the kiss instantly and the kiss got pretty heated, till I pulled away..

"I have to go" I said breathless after I realized what I had done. I ran away from Justin and headed out of the house and straight to my car before driving away.

sorry for the cliffhanger but i swear it will be worth it all when you see the next chapter!

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