Captivated by my misery

Life slowly begins to fade.

The noises turn to useless hums

And the air I breathe seems useless,

Well at least to me that's what it seems.

Always getting put down by the ones I need most

Makes me heart beat a little less.

Fading into the black I've become nothing but the crowd

Chained against my own downfalls

Only to dream of my own desires.

I cannot take enough breaths to feed this emptiness inside of me

The pain is growing stronger,

Biting at my soul.

Hurt and grief is all I feel,

Longing to stop being yelled at

To stop being judged

To stop being put down

Or thrown away like yesterday's paper.

But that is life,

Is it not?

What is this possessing me?

I hate the coldness that pulses through my veins!

I want nothing but love and to throw away the pain!

Life is a beautiful thing that is captivated by these hideous souls.