Dark Storm

They're coming…the clouds, those ominous, dark clouds just creeping over the horizon. They begin to obscure the sun, the light, the very warmth of the world. It is then that the clouds descend, and it is then that we come together, scared. When they begin to darken, so shall our spirits, the clouds reflecting such angst and depression. When they begin to shed their tears, it is then that we break down and begin to weep ourselves.

The very air itself chills from such darkness, and all we can do is bundle together, as one, to find warmth. The winds become fierce, lightning strikes, and we are but helpless. We shut our eyes and cover our ears, muttering prayers and gripping tightly to hope. We are but at the mercy of the storm…

It lasts for hours, the barrage of striking lightning, the fury of the winds, the cold, cold darkness of the storm clouds of depression, but only for hours did it rampage. The rain stopped and the clouds began to recede, and now, night is among us, a silent aftermath of submerging grief. It is over, but nature gives no pity, and as such, we know that even darker, harder times will come. Even still, it can't rain all the time…

As the moon begins to descend and the sun starts emerging over the horizon, the children begin to smile, warmed by their salvation. But not all is well. Just as it could not always rain, the sun will not always shine. One day, the clouds shall form once more, and once more shall they descend upon us. Although they may return, we smile now, happy to be alive. We struggle to shatter these shackles of depression, we struggle and fight for freedom.

'Tis then that we look to the horizon, the sky set aglow with a beautiful gold melancholy.

It's for these moments, moments of bliss, moments of happiness, moments of warmth, that we live for.