Nick rubbed his face, watching his reflection in the bathroom mirror. What was wrong with him…? "Nicky…" Chelsea had breathed just minutes before. She'd said it in that voice. The one that was soft, husky. The one she always used when she wanted to have sex. She'd put her hand on his thigh, too high for her intentions to be mistaken. And Nick had to turn her down… Again. Except, this time she didn't say it was okay.

He walked to the living room, still hearing the haunting sound of Chelsea slamming the front door as she screamed at him.

"Why can't I just fuck them?!" he asked the air, hitting the wall with an open palm when no answer came to him.

It wasn't the first time this had happened. Nick had a habit of finding women, becoming close to them. They talked, and laughed, and seemed perfect for each other! But there came a time when the women expected sex… And Nick couldn't deliver.

Nick went to the table and picked up his cell. He held the two, waiting as it rand until he heard the familiar hello.

"Bryan," he said on a sigh. "I need a drink."

"Oh no," Bryan groaned. "Not Chelsea?"

"Oh, honey. Alright, Doug and I will meet you there."

Before Nick could reply Bryan had hung up.

Nick shook his head and went to get his keys. Bryan and Nick were roommates in college, where Bryan met Doug. They were all the same major, with the same course plan. After school, they'd all found jobs in the same company. As Nick drove to their usual bar, he winced at the gas gauge. He really didn't have the money to fill it up, when it reached that red line.

As he reached the parking lot, Bryan swerved in next to him and parked with a grin. They got out, and he took Doug's hand as they met on the sidewalk.

"Hey!" Doug said on a smile.

"Hello…" Nick replied on a sigh.

"Oh, come on." Bryan rolled his eyes. "Let's get you drunk." They went in, and shouted to be heard. "I suppose we're buying, hm?"

"Uh, yeah…" Nick blushed a little. "Thanks."

"Bryan shook his head, and Doug chuckled as he ordered them all drinks and they sank onto the big brown couch.

"So," Doug said with a grin when they were two drinks in. "I have some very big news."

"Oh?" Bryan raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. Okay… So, Mr. Peters is feeling pressure from corporate. They want to prove to the world that they are gay-friendly, soooo…" Bryan gave him a look and he continued. "They're promoting their gay employees at the bottom of the food chain! I am now getting the same pay as you, babe!"

"Holy shit!" Nick said. "Congratulations!"

"Oh, baby!" Bryan grinned and kissed him. "Congratulations! Do you have a new title?"

"Uh, no… Well, I guess maybe EXECUTIVE of advertising?"

"Who cares?" Nick chuckled. "You're making more than me!

"True," Doug chuckled, wrapping his arms around Bryan.

"I could sure use a promotion…" Nick sighed and swirled his drink.

"Bet you wish you were gay, huh?" Bryan laughed. He clapped Nick on the back, but Nick stilled. He stared at the couple, thinking.

"Uh, Nick," Bryan said. "Are you alright..?"

"Teach me to be gay."

"Ex… Cuse me…?"

"I need a promotion, Bryan."

"Nick..!" Doug said, eyes wide. "You cannot pretend to be gay!"

"Sure I can!" he grinned. "I've always been jealous of my best friend's relationship, I just came out." He downed his drink and stood. "I have to go. Thanks, guys!"

"Wait..! That is NOT what I meant, at all…!" Doug yelled frantically after him. He left with a grin, leaving Bryan and Doug with their jaws hanging open. "That… was NOT what I thought would happen…"

"Bryan chuckled wryly. "Babe, no one can anticipate Nick's actions. Let's get drunk, I want to take you home…"