The next morning, Erin was sleeping deeply when Nick woke. He got up on his arm, looking down at Erin, before he got out of bed. He closed the bedroom door behind him as he went into the living room and dialed Bryan's number.

"What," Bryan groaned.

"Bryan… I… Think I messed up."

"Yeah, not uncommon…" through the phone he heard Doug make a noise as Bryan readjusted.

"No, I mean it… Erin gave me a blowjob, after we made out…"

"Congratulations…" a beat later he sounded more awake. "Oh, wait… You're not gay."

"Yeah, no shit…" Nick ran his hands through his hair.

"How did that happen?"

"I don't know… I really don't know… We were kissing, and all of a sudden… He was rocking my world."

"So, you enjoyed it?"

"Well…" Nick let out a burst of air. "Yeah. I really did… God, I did…"

"So… What does that mean?"

"Nothing, it doesn't mean anything…"

"Are you sure?"

"YES!" Nick said, sharper and louder than he intended. He winced. "Yes… I'm sure." He looked over as he heard Erin open the door. "I've gotta go."

"Okay, but-" Nick hung up.

"Hey," Erin smiled at him as he came closer. "Want some breakfast…?"


Erin smiled, putting a hand to his chest as he leaned up for a kiss, then went to the kitchen. Nick stood still for a minute, fighting the tingle in the pit of his stomach. He followed Erin, leaning against the doorframe to watch him cook.

"How did you sleep?" Erin smiled as he whisked eggs.

"I slept… really well, actually."

"Good!" he poured them into the pan with a sizzle. "So did I… I usually wake up in the middle of the night, I get cold… But last night was perfect."

Nick blushed a little at the tone in his voice. He was so confused about last night. The more time he spent in this apartment, the less sure he was.

"Here," Erin kissed him slowly, then replaced his lips with a piece of toast and handed him a plate. "Sit, eat. I'll be right there."

Nick couldn't resist chuckling as he went to the small table in the living room. He began eating, and a few minutes later Erin joined him. They are in silence, but they were both smiling. Nick was amazed at how good of friends they had become in less than a week… Pretending to be gay wasn't going to be hard.

But telling him the truth..? He looked into Erin's eyes. That would be…