I remember when
I was little and
she took my hand
and said
"spin, baby.
You're my princess."
I remember how
we would dance
and look stupid
but we wouldn't care
because we were
having fun.
I remember how
she would scold brother
for abusing me,
how she would save me
and hold me
until I fell
I remember when
she was my
But now she's a
walking skeleton,
a human with flesh
stretched over
her fragile
She lost ten pounds,
then twenty,
then forty,
then sixty,
now seventy pounds
have gone by
in three
I'm becoming
her spitting image,
a skeleton with
flesh stretched over
my fragile
I lost ten pounds,
then twenty,
then thirty,
now forty pounds have gone.
See, my mommy and I,
we're wasting away together.