The sun beams down through the grey clouds, breaking in through the scarce gaps where the azure sky is visible. The dual carriageway was busy for the late morning. Approaching noon, the road would usually have only one or two cars, but not this day. The northbound side of the road is gridlocked, drivers agitatedly leaning on their car horns, causing no change in the hopeless traffic conditions. The southbound lane is characteristically empty, as is usual for the time of day. Over the sound of the horns, there is a thundering sound of hooves rapidly approaching. The drivers seem to notice this and one by one, they stop causing noise and listen to the approaching noise. Eventually, a dead silence falls as the drivers look around confusedly, the thunder of hooves growing in volume. Suddenly, a lone, loud crash sounds out, the southern end of the southbound lane explodes in a shower of water in all directions. From the wall of water, a single man mounted on a black horse emerges, his clothes and hair inexplicably dry. A sword sits in a brown leather scabbard at his side. As his horse races up the road, the ground below the horse's hooves cracks and spreads outwards, turning the road into a river in the wake of the fleeing man. Another crash, and similarly to before, an explosion of water erupts at the end of the lane. The sound of a screaming crowd grows louder as more horsemen materialise through the wall of water. Their appearance is different to that of the first man, they look barbaric, barely clothed, what little they do wear appears to be only for the purpose of carrying more weapons. Daggers lay along biceps, calves and shoulderblades. The barbarians charge forth, all mounted on steeds of blood red. Their leader is ferocious, his mouth open in a warcry, sharpened teeth bared for all to see. His left arm wrapped in the reigns, his right raised straight in the air, holds a large axe with a dented and chipped blade. Stained with blood. As the man on the black horse flees, pursued by the army, his horse's hooves spray water from the river into the air, soaking the cars on the other side of the road.