Darkness. Darkness is the word that describes this night. No stars, dimmed street lights, darkness. The only thing that was actually bright was the moon in the sky. Silent. It was also silent. I'm not really surprised, it is past midnight anyway. But usually, you would always here those buff teenage boys smoking weed and laughing away in the alley's, but no, not tonight.

I do like the quietness, but it makes me feel... uneasy. It could even be because I'm out here in the loudest part of town after midnight, and I'm not exactly used to that, or it could be that is was so quiet and dark. I pulled out my phone and looked at the time. 1:38 A.M. it read. I was supposed to look after my younger brother tonight, Josh, but my mom came home from work early and said I could go out and do whatever. Just be back by midnight, she also added. Looks like that didn't happen.

I decided to call up Troy and Roger to see if they wanted to go bowling, and they both agreed. We went to the only bowling place in town that runs 24/7. Who would want to get up at 3 in the morning to go bowling? I don't know, but it's probably someone crazy. The bowling place wasn't that busy at least, there was probably about 3 other groups there. Troy, Roger, and I all agreed to play only two games which would probably lead up to about midnight anyway. But Troy is a sore loser and demanded another game, and here I am now, walking home alone.

I turned the corner and saw my house in the distance. The dull, red house. Well, all the houses around here are a dull color. I remember my mom would always used to tell me how back when she was a child that not everything in the world was as dull and boring as it is now. There were good educations, amazing technologies, and now they're all taken away for some reason. The leaders of every country just decided to remove a lot of useful technologies and get rid of the extremely good schools.

I got to the front door of my house and turned the knob. Mom usually leaves it unlocked, anyway. I slowly opened the door and stepped inside the house; closing the door slowly behind me.

"Mom?" I whispered, being careful not wake up Josh just in case he was in bed. I waited a few moments for a response, but there was no answer. I tiptoed over to the living room and saw a note on the T.V. I walked over to the note and read it.


Got called for a meet-up with old friends. Josh should be in bed, if not, then send him to bed. Should be back around 1:00 P.M tomorrow.

Love you,

Mom xoxo

Well, that explains why there was no answer. I assume Josh is in bed since it's just as quiet in here as it was outside. I walked into the bathroom to look at my hair in the mirror, since a certain Roger decided to mess it up a few times earlier. My shortish black hair was a bit messy, but I suppose it is the usual since it is always at least a little bit messy. Just the way I like it. I always thought about dying my hair a dark brown color though to match my hazel eyes. Never really got around to doing it though.

I stepped out of the bathroom and looked at the clock on the wall. 2:04 A.M. It's getting pretty late, so I might as well go to bed. Until a chill down my back change my thoughts to turning up the heat first. I look at the thermometer and it was already on high, but it felt almost as cold as it did outside. I turn up the heating anyway and slowly walk up the stairs to my room; admiring all the paintings on the walls while going up.