I woke up in a cage. I am never taking waking up anywhere just not in a cage for granted. I guess I will never have freedom. As soon as I have a grasp of freedom I get caught again and just transferred somewhere else. Is it even worth trying anymore?

I looked around. Nothing new, just steel bars and a dirt floor and I peered though. A beautiful blue sapphire griffin was sitting in a cage next to me.

"Hey" I yelled at her.

"What" she snapped.

"Where am I" I asked.

"Where do you think" she growled. I wonder why she is in such a bad mood.

"I don't know" I said.

"You are in a prison" she said confused.

"Thanks, my name is Dusk" I told her.

"My name is Sapphire. Why don't you know about this prison?" she questioned.

"It is a long story. What do they do here?" I said.

"Griffins have to fight to the death for the king's amusement" Sapphire answered.

"The king, who is he?" I asked.

"You are just acting dumb" growled Sapphire.

"No I seriously don't know" I said.

"You don't! The king name is Blaze and is known for no mercy. He has a son name Flame. There are rumors that he has another son. I feel so sorry for him. He will just end up in here with no powers or anything" explained Sapphire. Interesting, I have a brother.

I was surprised at the last part. I guess she doesn't know. Well she will soon.

"When do we have to fight" I asked.

"Whenever the king wants amusement" answered Sapphire.

"Thanks for answering my questions" I said. I walked over to the corner to fall asleep.