I have dreamed and I have hoped

For things to be back as they were long ago.

But Childhood is gone, the fragile days of happiness with no pain

Withered away, a rose with the most poisonous of thorns.

Tears of blood we've cried both real and otherwise.

And though I am not the masochist I once was

I know what it's like to be hurt so much

I will not turn a blind eye on a friend whose fate is fearful as much as unstable

I may not relate but I will always care.

And though you may not care what I've to say

Be quite aware

That patience can wear thin.

But no matter what the sun will shine again

You will be okay.

I care

A/N: Since April is poetry month and I love poetry and have a ton of it just gathering dust, I decide to make this. Hope you like it. Thanks for reading.