His heart soared,
As she flew across the road.
Her hair a golden,
Her eyes like diamonds,
Her smile from heaven,
And her attitude well-spoken.

This beauty from above;
This dream, this goddess,
Cast a stream within him,
His mouth so watered,
A fish might swim within.

He looks upon himself,
Only to find,
A foolish young boy,
Out of her league,
Out of her mind.

He longs to touch her,
He hopes to please her,
Imagining her and hers
And only does he know this love,
And only does he hear it;
A voice so tender
From within her,
As warm and gentle,
As his love for her
He wants her,
He needs her.

A plan to win her,
Does he have,
A heart to guide her,
Will he show,
The clothes of another,
The words of great measure,
A new name in this game,
Will show this love be shared.

And in such guise,
He'll woo the girl,
She'll get the man,
Whose heart she's won

And with one stare,
Their lives have begun,
One true kiss will seal this deal,
And three powerful words,
Will make them forever.