Summary: Everything was perfect for Kataleena Larr in New Zealand. She had a charming boyfriend, great looks, a great family, and even a gorgeous house. But the year of her senior year of high school, her parents ship her to the United States to finish high school. For 10 months, Kat (Kataleena) will be living with her host family, the Patterson's and the Patterson's twins; Kami, the prettiest and nicest girl in the town, and Connor, the arrogant, short-tempered boy that doesn't want Kat there.

Chapter 1: A Drop in the Ocean

"Kataleena! Come down! Donovan is on the phone!" The sound of her mother's voice echoed throughout the house as Kataleena arose from her bed. She raced down the stairs without missing a single step and hopped right to the kitchen to see her mother with a grin plastered onto her face. Kataleena seized the phone out of her mother's right hand and cantered to the couch.

"Hello?" I spoke to Donovan in my softest tone since he was my boyfriend.

"Hey Sweetheart, wanna come with me to the beach today?" I took a moment to think even though I knew I was definitely going to say yes. It was the middle of summer right now, and nobody had school yet.

"Sure." I smiled. "What time?" I boost my feet up so that it was perpendicular to the wall and started to admire the silver ceiling gleaming down at me.

"Darling, I'm coming to get you now."

"Now! Donovan I'm not even ready!" Kataleena rose from the couch and paced upstairs to the clean room of hers. She quickly locked down and started speed changing.

"Ohhh Kat. I'm almost here." By the sound of his voice, Kataleena knew that Donovan Peoria was quietly chuckling to from the other side of the call.

"Oh stop grinning Peoria."

Kataleena clutched the phone between her neck while she held up two nice tops; one pink one and one turquoise one. Both tops gleamed in the light that came through the shear, white curtains. Kataleena decided on the simple turquoise top, and threw it over her head. She pulled out two shorts, jean shorts, and plain white shorts. She slipped the white shorts on and rushed to the bathroom.

"1000 feet away Ms. Larr." Kataleena Larr was her name. She was a lucky little girl who was born on the Catalina Island, in the Catalina Hospital, in the Catalina room of the hospital, and was born on the day where the water moves down so that you can see the island from the window.

Kataleena walked to the bathroom that was connected to her room. Her bathroom was quite big for one girl. She scrubbed her teeth, with the hot pink toothbrush she had gotten for her 16th birthday, and sang the "Happy Birthday" three times super fast.

"100 feet away!" Kataleena grabbed her white gladiator sandals and jumped down the stairs, skipping at least three steps each time.

"25 feet away!" Kat could hear the sound of her boyfriend's voice coming closer and closer.

"Hello Kat." Donovan stood outside of my door and leaned down to give me a good kiss on the lips. I let him in the door and went in to grab my sweater. I rushed up to my mother's room and quickly told her about my date with Donovan, and gave her no time to say something back. Donovan sat down on the couch in the family room when I came back downstairs. He wore a baby blue "Hollister" t-shirt that was fitted very well and expensive khaki shorts. His dirty blonde hair was gelled to side leaving only a few strands of hair in its normal place. Donovan and I have always known each other and I've always had the biggest crush on him. We started dating last year when the rumor spread that I liked him, all that typical cliché stuff.

"Hey Don you ready?" I asked him, while impatiently waiting for a response.

"Whenever you're ready Sweetheart." I think it's cute when he calls me Sweetheart. He really knows how to make a girl get the jitters.

We walked out to his yellow jeep that was recently just clean, telling by the rainbows that ricochet off his mirrors. Being a gentlemen, he opened the door for me as if I were some rich chick and he were a butler. Once he closed the door, he hopped into the other side of his jeep, and turned on the engine. He glared at me for awhile and brushed a piece of hair from face to its rightful spot. Then he leaned into me, stopping ¾ of the way so that hot air swirled between us. His lips brushed mine gently.

He pulled back ever so slightly and whispered "I love you" so quietly so that the world around us wouldn't hear.

"I love you too." I whispered to him. He smiled and turned towards the leather wheel.

"Are you ready?" I asked him, trying to hurry things up. I didn't want to stay by this house for any longer because I knew that my little brother and sister were probably peaking through the window.

"Sweetheart, I was born ready." Then Donovan stepped on the gas pedal fiercely and we zipped out of my driveway.

Donovan grabbed one of my hands and started rubbing his thumb back and forth. His eyes were focused on the narrow road and a small sly grin grew on his face. This could mean that he is happy or he has something rebellious.

"What's with that grin?" I smiled and looked at his handsome face.

"I'm just happy." He glanced at me and gripped my hand tighter. He continued down the road, driving with his left hand.

We made our way down to the beach. After the third parking lot we passed, we parked our car in the spot nearest to the sand, our usual spot. Donovan jumped out of the car without even opening the door. He rushed to the other side just in time so that he can open the door for me.

"Thanks." He didn't let me get out. Instead, he placed his right arm under my legs and his left arm on my back and lifted me up. I couldn't help but swarm around in his arms while he spun me around over and over again.

"Don! Put me down!" I giggled as he kept spinning me around.

"As you wish!" He put me down gently and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then he opened the trunk of the car and grabbed a picnic basket and a blanket.

"What is this?"

"We're going to have a picnic!" He slammed the trunk closed and grabbed one of my hands. We walked down to the sand and beach. The sand caressed our feet as we walked on top of it. We found the perfect spot, close enough to the water but far enough so it can't reach us.

Donovan laid the red and white checkered blanket out and opened the picnic basket. He grabbed some delicious-looking sandwiches, juice pouches, strawberries, and sugar.

"Dang! That looks delicious. Thanks." I smiled at him.

" I like your brown wavy hair." He started running his hands through my hair. I sat on his lap and leaned on the left side of his chest. I closed my eyes and let the wind blow calmly against us. I shivered a little bit but then Donovan hugged me tighter to keep me warm.

Donovan stared down at me. "Are you hungry darling?"

"Yeah." I replied to him. I got up from his lap and sat down on the blanket. Donovan handed me a sandwich and a juice box. I grabbed the sandwich from the plastic bag. He made me my favorite sandwich; fresh Italian bread, salami, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, and mayonnaise. I took a huge chunk out of the sandwich and gulped it down. Donovan did the same thing.

"Is it good?" Donovan asked me. He rubbed the back of his neck, anxious for an answer.

"It's delicious!" I smiled at him and giggled a little. Donovan was always good at making sandwiches. He once worked at Subway and he always brought me back a sandwich every day after work. He knows exactly what I like.

"I'm glad you like it. I haven't made sandwiches like that since I worked at Subway. If you want more, I made a second sandwich just in case. We can eat it after we swim for a little bit."

"Swim! Oh my god! I forgot my swim suit!" Donovan kept a grin on his face. He wasn't angry, he was actually laughing.

"I knew you would forget. That's why my mom wanted me to give you this." Donovan handed me a blue bikini I've been wanting for a long time. I was shocked when he handed the bikini to me.

"Did your mom really get me this? This is so nice of her. I feel like a bad person for not getting you anything. Ughh. I'm a horrible girlfriend."

Donovan smiled, "No you're not. You just have to give me you. That's all I want." He wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled my head towards his lap and gave me a knuckle sandwich.

"You're so cute when you struggle."

I glared up at him, with my mouth closed so that my chin raised up. "That's not funny." I said to him. He just laughed and placed both his arms on the sand behind him to lean on. My head still laid on his lap as we both looked up to the sky.

"Hey Kat."

"Hmm?" I got up from his lap and looked at him.

"I'm going to get changed, you should get changed too." He stood up and helped me up. We both walked to the public bathrooms. I changed first, and then he went second. I waited for him outside of the bathroom. There weren't that many people at the beach today. No one was near our spot, so we basically had that whole space to ourselves.

After about a minute, Donovan came out of the bathroom in his sky blue swim shorts. He had a golden-brown tan and his six pack was showing, well obviously. He gave me a pair of goggles and a pretty flowery beach towel. We headed towards the water again.

Once we got to the sand, he picked me up again and ran into the water with me still in his arms. He held me in his arms for a little bit and then threw me into the water. The feeling of the water hitting, was like a smack on the face. It was cold, but I got used to it. I lifted my head out of the water so that it was barely above the water. Donovan was standing right there in front of me. He carried me again, and our eyes met. His pretty green eyes were staring into mine.

"Let me down!" I squealed.

He gave me a small grin. "As you wish Sweetheart."

Donovan took us deeper into the water, me still in his arms, and dunked both of us in. I opened my eyes and saw Donovan still, he wasn't moving. My heart skipped a beat and I panicked. I quickly swam towards him and grabbed a hold of his arm. I swam to shore and dragged Donovan onto the sand. I checked to see if he was breathing, but he wasn't. My heart was pounding even faster. I leaned down into him to give him CPR. The moment my lips met his, he started kissing me. His right hand lifted up and pulled the back of my head closer. I pulled away and glared at him.

"You fool! You really got me there!" Donovan started to chuckle. He got back and leaned against his elbows.

"I just wanted a kiss."

"You could've just asked for one! You scared me Don!" I took a weak punch to his left shoulder.

"I wanted to make it more dramatic."

"Well congratulations, you got what you want." I turned away from him and crossed my arms.

"Oh come on.." Just before he got the time to finish his sentence, his phone rang all the way from our spot. I quiet groan came from him as he rushed towards the blanket. I sat in my same spot and tried to act like I didn't hear a single word he said on the phone.

After a couple minutes of loneliness and silence, Donovan jogged back to give me some interesting news. "Kat…"

"Hmm" I replied, not wanting to talk to him since he practically pulled a death act on her.

"Hey I know you're mad but I have to take you home. My dad was just taken to the E.R from a heart attack." My eyes widened in surprised.

"Oh my gosh I'm sorry!" My eyes started to get puffy. Any second now, tears will be spilling out of my eyes. Mr. Peoria was a nice man and cared for me as if I was his own daughter.

"Nah I'm just kidding. I have to help my dad move some items off the boat." I took a huge slap at his arm in frustration. His eyes narrowed down at mine and started chuckling. He helped me up and we both walked to the blanket. I slipped on my clothes over my bathing suit and helped him clean up our mess.

We both walked up the hill. His hands were placed around my shoulders as I leaned into him. Donovan unlocked the car from three meters away and pressed a special button that opened the trunk of his jeep. When we made our way there, he stuffed everything in the trunk and walked over to the driver's seat.

The car ride home was pretty quiet. We barely said a word to each other, we weren't mad though. He still grabbed onto my hand as he drove up to my house. Once we got to the driveway, which was pretty big, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"Sorry it only lasted about an hour and a half. I'll make it up to you." Then I hopped out of the car and watched as his car pulled out of my driveway and out of my sight. I opened the front door of my house to only hear the voices of my parents. They were talking about me in the kitchen.

"Ron, we have to tell her now. We can't wait until the last minute. She needs to be prepared." My mother's voice was gentle.

"Patricia, she's out having fun right now. Wait until later."

"When's later?"

"In a couple of days, when she's not doing anything."

"But we have to tell her."

I couldn't take this non sense anymore. I stomped my way towards the kitchen and saw both of my parents facing each other.

"Tell me what?" I demanded.

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