Chapter 2:

Addy was sitting on the tour bus, trying to get a little bit o shut eye but the other girls were chatting as if it was noon and they were out to lunch!

She covered her head in her coat and tried to find her earbuds but remembered they were in her other bag.

Grumbling she sat down with the other girls. No one really acknowledged her, but one girl had a laptop and they were all crowding around.

"Yeah so my dad called ahead for the wifi password because he knows I would just DIE without allthatglitters21."

"Omg you are so lucky."

"I know I am."

The girl with the laptop's name ended up being Felica (FA-LEE-SHA) and she was originally fron California but was living in Paris.

"Can you get that facebook website that the techs set up?" asked another girl.

Felica laughed. It wasn't a har dee har. It was a twinkling laugh. In the morning sunlight her strawberry blonde hair seemed to glow while Addy's brown hair was dank and lifeless.

"Well, I can try."

She put in the web address ' .com' and it asked her for he security code once again.

"Jeez, they sure don't want outsiders on here." said Addy.

Felica turned to her. "No dip Sherlock. We're Elite and we can't be messing around with lower class. "

All the other girls seemed to shudder. Addy just rolled her eyes and went back to her seat. Another girl sat with her.

"That Felica chick seems like a bitch."

"Yeah.." Addy agreed.

"I'm Raven Nox." she stuck out her hand.

Addy shook it and said "I'm Adaline or Addy."


Raven seemed like what some would call 'punky' 'emo' and 'hardcore'. She wore black fishnet tights under her uniform and alot of eyeliner. Plus, her hair was bright pink.

"I love you hair. How'd you do it? Bleach?"

"I'm albino, so my hair is white. Colour sticks to it like glue."

"Then why aren't your eyes red?"

"That's just a stereotype."

"Oh.." Addy was embarrassed. "Sorry."

"It's okay, you didn't know."

The gravel road the had been traveling on released into a long blacktop driveway. With a click of a button, the white iron gates opened to a spectacular campus.

Cherry blossom trees lined the driveway which ended in a large parking lot like thing and was directly infront of the giant marble steps.

They girls gathered their things and starting heading up the stairs in awe, including Felica.

A woman with a long purple dress and up-do'd grey hair came out.

"Welcome, welcome bus 12! Come inside the auditorium, please stay with this group!" The woman had an English accent. She lead them into a magnificently giant auditorium that could easily fit 3,000 or 4,000 people.

They sat in the velvet seats up on the second floor. The floor below them was filled with lots of chatting boys and girls of all different ages.

More buses came and about 10 minutes later, the lights went down and the stage lights came on.

The woman went up to the microphone, tapped it, and waited a few seconds before everyone grew silent.

"Thank you. Welcome, welcome to another fantastic year at B.S.T.!"

The second through fifth years cheered.

"And also welcome the new first years to our school!"

The first years, including Addy, cheered. Raven stood up and cheered.

"As you know, I'm Mrs. Pedigree. Alright now let me explain the rules and such..."

She continued to restate the rules that were in the handbook.

"Also.." her voice got grave. "If you ever leave the white iron gates without a buddy and a faculty member letting you, you are not in our property. Technically, if you're hurt, we won't know where you are."

And then suddenly her voice got cheerful again. "Now let's split up. First years you're with me, Second years with Mr. Marquie..."

The first years stood up and filled out with Mrs. Pedigree. Another male teacher took the boys and showed them where their dorms were and Mrs. P for the girls. Each dorm have 4 kids in it, 4 full sized beds.

Finally she got to Dorm 473, Building 1, Section D. "Alright the girls in here are...Carmen Corla, Adaline Mayer, Raven Nox, and Felica Wales."

The four girls proceeded to their room and Mrs. Pedigree went to the next room.

When you opened the door there was a small chandelier and 2 beds on the right wall, 2 on the left. In between each two was a long but short buffet chest and two lamps on either end. On the other side of each bed there was a large white dresser.

Near the very back were 2 doors on either side leading to 2 bathrooms, each with a vanity, a toilet, a sink and a large footed bath tub.

The back wall was a large window over looking part of the campus with long velvet curtains and a wall-long window seat.

"Oh this is sweet!" Raven flopped down on the bed closest to the door on the right side.

Addy took the bed next to Raven and Felica took the one on the left, across from Addy.

"Oh! Our things are on the window seat." Carmen went over and got her things with all the other girls close behind. Each girl had about 3 bags, but Felica had 5.

"What do you have in there? A circus?" asked Raven sarcastically.

"Just everything I'll need. You never know when the weather will turn freak!"

Raven simply rolled her eyes and continued unpacking. Addy unloaded her things, too.

A few minutes later there was a quick knock and someone opened the door. It was Mrs. Pedigree.

"Oh, girls, I just wanted to make sure you knew we don't have schooling today so you can get situated and familiar with the grounds. It's about 5:45 am now.. come down to the cafe' at 6:10 for breakfast. Don't be late!"

She left and proceeded to room 471.

"I heard their breakfast was magnificent!" said Carmen. "Probably not as good as we make in the Netherlands but you never know."

"Exactly. The food my chefs make is superb." Felica turned to sarcastically ask Addy about her kitchen staff when she spied the gold pocket watch.

"What's that?"

Addy took the pocket watch and slid it back into her shirt. "Nothing, just my mother's old pocket watch."

"Let me see it."

"It's broken."

"Let me. See it."

Addy sighed, took of the pocket watch, and handed it to Felica, who snorted. "This doesn't even have the right time. What a waste."

She casually handed it to Addy and almost dropped it. The brown haired girl quickly caught it and carefully put it back around her neck.

Addy trust Felica.

Not just because of the pocket watch but there was something about her.

She just couldn't quite put her finger on it.