What is it that makes me forever alone, even amongst those I love,

Even amongst those that make me feel at home,

There's a wall that I am behind and behind it I am alone,

I reach my hands out through a few broken holes,

For another hand, to feel the touch, and hold on,

Someone holds on to it, I can feel the smoothness of skin,

And try to pull toward me, as it tries to pull me,

But the wall won't break,

It won't crumble,

It refuses to change,

I try to hold on,

With everything in my soul,

But it's not enough,

They always let go,

And I'm alone,

And the wall gets larger,

And stronger,

and I get smaller

and darker

and the air is thinner,

but what else can I do,

but survive,

even though,

I might not have been made for this world,

A defect of genes and environment,

That tries and fails,

And tries again.