Chapter 1: Darrell

"Darrell come-on!" Mary exclaimed. "You said you got the best job in the world, what is it?"

"You'll see." Darrell said on the way to school.

"You know, you will have to tell me sooner or later." Mary said.

"Mary you're so stubborn sometimes." Darrell said.

"Well, that was rude!" Mary exclaimed.

"You still like me right?" he asked.

"Of course I do stupid!"

"Good." Darrell said.

"Well I got to go." Mary said.

"Ok Mary see-ya later." Darrell said. When Mary was gone he ran to the old abandon science lab right near the school.

He ran through the door and there stood a man in a white lab coat. "Your late!" he said.

"Sorry Dr. Bud, I overslept." Darrell said.

"Well if that ever happens again, you're fired!" Dr. Bud said.

"Yes sir."

"Now for your first assignment I need you to feed the frogs with my new potion." Dr. Bud said and handed him a glass filled with green liquid.

"Well ok, you're the doctor." Darrell said and went over to the frog tank. He poured the potion into the pond. The frog that was sitting in the pond started to dissolve.

"Whoa, what's up with the frog?" Darrell asked.

"Good, it works." Dr. Bud muttered.

"Do you need me to do anything else sir." Darrell said.

"Yes, I need you to drink this." Dr. Bud said.

"Do I want to know what it is?" Darrell asked.

"DRINK IT!" Dr. Bud exclamed.

"Well, I don't know, but you are a doctor." he said and drank the potion. "Whoa, I'm getting dizzy." Darrell said and fell to the ground. The last thing he saw was Dr. Bud laughing an evil laugh. Then, blackout.

"Bwa ha ha ha" Dr. Bud laughed. "Now I got you Darrell Peterson!", "What? Ouch my head, hey what are you doing?" Darrell said.

"You Darrell are going to become my next victim to try out my newest invention." Dr. Bud said and pulled off the white sheet and there it stood. A giant black ray aimed right towards him. "No!" he screamed. He kicked and screamed, his eyes getting teary every second. He tried calling for help but Dr. Bud stuck a handkerchief in his mouth. Dr. Bud turned on the invention and it started up. After one more tear that fell from Darrell's cheek, the black ray shot out of the invention. At first it started out with pain then when he opened his eyes, and Dr. Bud was gone. The straps across his body that has once been tight were now loose. He slipped out of the straps and ran to school.

By the time he got there the dismissal bell rang and it was time to go home. He had missed a whole day of school. His mother was going to kill him.

"Hey Darrell, where were you today" Mary asked.

"I was at the abandon science lab where I now work."

"Wow, is it really cool? What did you do? Are you going to bring me there today?" Mary asked.

"Whoa, Mary, too many questions, not enough answers, look something happened there that I don't want to talk about" Darrell said.

"Oh, ok, see you tomorrow" she said and hurried off to the bus.

The next morning Darrell had to get up to go to morning intramurals but as he was getting dressed he collapsed. There was a blood curdling scream from his mother when she saw him. She called 911 and was picked up by an ambulance. On the way to St. Christian hospital, Darrell regained conciseness and was trying to get up, felt pain in his chest and lay back down. When they got to the hospital the doctor was rushing him to the emergency room and was brought to Dr. Peterson, his father. "Son, I believe I have some bad news." Dr. Peterson said.

"Dad, what's happening to me?" Darrell asked.

"Your heart is dying, and to cure it, we would have to kill you, but since I am your father, I will try to think of another way." Dr. Peterson said.

"Ok. Can I call Mary and tell her where I am?" Darrell said.

"Sure." Dr. Peterson said and left the room.

Darrell dialed Mary's cell phone.

"Hello?" the voice answered.

"Mary, its Darrell."

"Darrell! Where are you? People are starting to get suspicious. This is the second time you ditched school!" Mary questioned.

"Mary, listen closely, I am in the hospital." Darrell answered.

"What! What did you do to yourself?" Mary asked.

"My dad who you know is a doctor says that my heart is dying and we can't cure it." Darrell said.

"Oh, Darrell I'm so sorry. Hey I got an idea! Maybe a blood drive will help. What kind of blood type do you have?" Mary asked.

"HOW SHOULD I KNOW!?" Darrell exclaimed.

"Can I come by after school and see you, or do I have to wait a couple months?" Mary asked. "Um, I just got in the hospital and I would probably be dead in a couple months. I think you should come by tomorrow at St. Christian hospital" Darrell answered.

"Okay, see you tomorrow" Mary said. "Ok, bye", "bye". And the line went dead.

The next morning Darrell had no idea where he was. Then he remembered Dr. Bud and his evil invention and how it struck him in the heart and now he was sitting in a hospital hoping his life wouldn't end before he said goodbye. He was hungry. He buzzed for the nurse and asked if he could go down in the cafeteria to get breakfast. She rolled him down to the café and he got waffles with a side of sausage. A boy in a wheel chair rolled over to him and said "Hi, I'm Carlos; I came from the Mexican St. Christian hospital, what's your name?"

"Hi, I'm Darrell, I just got here."

"Same here, I got here 2 days ago." Carlos said.

"Darrell!" Mary exclaimed.

"Mary, it's good to see you." Darrell said and wheeled over to her. "How are you?" Mary asked.

"Good, a little sore but fine" Darrell answered. "Do you want to go back to the room" Mary asked.

"Nah maybe later"

"Hey, I got an idea, maybe we go out tonight, you know, for a movie?" Mary asked.

"Okay, sure, I'd love to." Darrell said.

At 7:00 p.m. Darrell got ready for his date. Was it a date? Darrell wasn't sure. He got in the hospital van and was driven to the theater. Mary met him at the front.

"So, what movie should we see?" Mary asked.

"Um I already saw "Night of the Living Shadow", so do you want to see "Harry Potter" again?" Darrell asked.

"Sure, okay." When they got to their seats the movie was starting. After the movie Mary surprised him with a moonlight picnic in the park. It was like a buffet with turkey and potatoes and soda.

"This is nice." Darrell said.

"I agree, this is a night to remember." Mary said. They kept talking about how school was and how boring it was.

"Oh! Wow! Is it that late? I better get back to the hospital."

"Wait! I have something to tell you."

"Mary what is it?" Darrell asked. And right at that moment Darrell lost consciousness and passed out. Mary yelled out for help and rushed him back to the hospital. Mary came with to help. Darrell regained consciousness twenty minutes later but lay still in the gurney.

When Darrell was lying in his bed with Mary and Carlos right beside him he felt secure. Until the doctors and nurses asked them to leave, the doctors worked day and night to help Darrell and his dying heart. After all that, the doctors couldn't do anything about Darrell's dying heart. They told Mary to come back and say her goodbyes to Darrell. "So, I guess this is it." Mary said with a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Mary, this isn't goodbye, this is just, well, ok it is kind of like a goodbye but I'll always be with you in here." Darrell said and pointed to her heart.

"Very touching Darrell"



"I never got to hear what you were about to say tonight. May I hear it before I die?" Darrell asked.

"Sure, um, Darrell, since middle school I have had a crush on you. And I was wondering. Do you feel the same way?" Mary asked.

"I do, I do feel the same way about you too" Darrell said. Mary closed her eyes and leaned forward. Darrell closed his eyes waiting for this moment for a long time. And they kissed happily. After a shaky breath he was gone. The boy who had gone through a lot in three days. The story of his survival got out, and he was very popular in high school. But that is not the end to this story because Dr. Bud is now a teacher at Black Widow High, Darrell's high school.

Chapter 2: Mary

Mary was devastated after that fateful night. After Darrell died, she bawled her eyes out. The boy who she loved was gone forever. And the guy who loved her back would never get to love her again. When she got home her parents were questioning her about where she was. When she told them about Darrell they lightened up and sent her to bed.

The next day she had a new science teacher. His name was Mr. Bud. Mary sat down in her desk and was ready to get on with her life. She was still sad but she can't hold on to that feeling anymore. She needs to focus. Mr. Bud's watch went off in warning and scanned the room. Once the scanning was finish the results showed that Mary's heart was dying also. "Mary, may I see you in the hall for a moment, it's about you and your friend Darrell." Mr. Bud asked. Mary wondered. How did he know about Darrell? He never even met him. Mary got up from her desk and followed the teacher out into the hall. When they got outside of the classroom Mr. Bud reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife and held it against her throat. Mary said nothing but obeyed. She was quiet as a mouse all throughout the walk. She thought about her family and how she would never see them again. Once they got outside the back door there was a truck that said "Community Science Lab" and at that moment she figured out what had happened to Darrell that day. But one question still remains. What did this evil scientist do to Darrell? They approached the van quietly and he locked Mary up in chains in the back of the van. Closed the door and went back to the classroom.

Mary woke up from sleeping in the van. She realized the van was moving. Mr. Bud was driving and said "I see you awake, stay quiet and I'll let you live." Mary kept quiet the whole car ride. She cried silently and wondered what this man would do to her. Mr. Bud pulled up in front of the Community Science lab. Mr. Bud opened the back doors of the van and pulled out the knife. He loosened her chains and held the knife against her back. "Walk forward." he said and Mary obeyed. She walked forward into the science lab. Questions were racing through her head. She was so stressed. She had to get help. She turned around quick and punched Mr. Bud in the stomach. She ran for the door and was stopped with pain. Mary's eyes went to the back of her head. Mr. Bud laughed and Mary fell to the ground.

There was a knock at the door. "Come out slowly, we got you surrounded" the voice shouted. "You will never catch me alive" Dr. Bud said and threw Mary into a body bag. The door burst open and the FBI rushed in. "Freeze! You're under arrest for kidnapping of Darrell Peterson!" Mr. Bud ran to the nearest door but was stopped by the FBI and was taken to the car. A man opened the body bag and saw a girl bleeding on her right side. "We better get her to a hospital" the man said and picked up Mary and carried her to the ambulance.

Chapter 3: The Finale

Mary woke up in bed with her parents on each side. "Hey. What's up guys?" She said. She tried to get up but she realized her right side was bandaged and that she was in the same room Darrell was in before he died. "What happened?" she asked.

"Dr. Bud stabbed you in the right side to not make you escape. The FBI fond him on the school security cameras and tracked his license plate to the Community Science Lab. Gladly he was arrested" she said.

"Ok, can I go back to sleep?" Mary asked. They nodded their heads and walked out of the room and Mary went back to sleep.

"Mary, Mary, MARY!" a voice said.

"Huh, what is it?" Mary asked.

"Mary, follow the sound of my voice." The voice said in a ghostly way.

"Darrell?" Mary whispered and got out of bed. There was a shadow on the wall that looked like Darrell.

"Come closer Mary." he seemed to say. The shadow moved to the closet and disappeared. Mary went into the closet. Suddenly someone touched her shoulder. She turned around quick and realized it was Carlos.

"Carlos! I'm at the break of finding Darrell" she exclaimed.

"Sorry I heard a voice beckoning me to come." Carlos said. "I think it went in the closet"

"Yeah! My shadow was moving into the closet." she said. Carefully Mary opened the door. They both entered the closet. Mary closed the door. Suddenly there was a white light. It shined in their eyes. The closet was now dark. And there stood Darrell in a white gown and was floating. "Darrell? Is that really you?" Mary asked.

"Yes. It's me." Darrell said.

"Ok. Where's the hologram? You're dead!" Mary exclaimed.

"Cool" Carlos said in awe.

"Look I don't have much time, you have to find my body and restore my soul. I'm still alive!" Darrell exclaimed. Mary starred in shock. Darrell vanished and the door started to open. A nurse entered the closet.

"I thought I heard voices, come-on, let's get to bed" she said. Mary still didn't know what was going on with Darrell. She went back to her room and planned her escape to free Darrell's soul.

At 5:00 a.m. in the morning, Mary woke and went to Carlos's room to wake him up, but when she got there Carlos was gone. There was a note beside his bed. That said

Dear Mary,

I figured out what happened to Darrell. He's buried at the St. Christian cemetery. Meet me there later.


Mary hurried next door to the St. Christian cemetery and found Carlos digging for Darrell's body. "Carlos, I'm here, what's up?" Mary said.

"I saw where Darrell was buried at his funeral but I can't find anything," Carlos explained. "That's because I have his dead body." a voice said. They turned around and there stood Dr. Bud holding Darrell in his arms. Dr. Bud was in an orange jumpsuit and was handcuffed. "You thought you won, but you're wrong, the game is still on and I am winning." Dr Bud said in an evil way. Mary ran to him but was stopped with something terrifying. Dr. Bud held up a jar that contained Darrell's soul. "Looking for something." he said with a smirk on his face.

"How did you know we were trying to free Darrell's soul?" Mary asked. "You were trying to free his soul? Please. He led you into my trap." Dr. Bud explained.

"Darrell, is this true?" Carlos asked. The soul came out of the jar and there stood Darrell.

"Yes it is true; he offered to me that you wouldn't get hurt." he explained.

"Darrell, how could you!" Mary exclaimed. "That's it Darrell, we are through." Mary said. "Well I guess there is only one thing to do since that heart of yours is now evil, I must hand over my body to science that way I can become a soul and beat you up, DARRELL!" Mary said and walked over to Dr. Bud who held the knife in his hands. She kneeled in front of him. At after one shaky, heartbroken breath, SLICE! Mary was dead.

Carlos who was watching was chained and committed a witness and was brought back to the Community Science Lab. Mary's soul had risen from her body and put into a separate jar. Now the jar is sitting on a shelf next to Darrell's jar. They had their phones in their pockets so they were texting mean comments back and forth. Dr. Bud was at the school teaching the students how to kill your victims with a ray gun. Carlos was trying to reach the key to the lock on the chains. "Almost, GOT IT!" he said and unlocked the chains. He grabbed the jars off the shelf and ran. He ran into the door, which was locked. Carlos took a skull and threw it into the window. CRASH! The window broke and Carlos jumped out the window. Dr. Bud caught him. "Going somewhere?" Dr. Bud said and threw Carlos back into the window. Carlos slid across the floor. The jars broke and the souls were free.

"Carlos, you saved me." Mary said and gave Carlos a kiss. Mary's body was in a body bag in the corner. Mary flew to her body and rose from the bag.

"No this is impossible, you're dead!" Dr. Bud exclaimed.

"Nothing is impossible when you have friends." Darrell said and flew out the door in to the sunlight and disappeared. "There is only one thing to do next." she said and looked at Dr. Bud.

"No, please, I'll do anything." he said and ran out the in to the sunset. And with that Mary and Carlos lived happily in Black Widow Falls.