I can't help but wonder
who I would be
if you hadn't
come and saved me.

I can't help but think
I wouldn't be alive.
Without you, Sweet Boy,
I wouldn't have been able to survive.

What if on
that special day,
you saw me,
but walked away?

What if you hadn't stopped
and sat next to me?
Who is the person
I would be?

What if you hadn't
looked at my cuts,
laughed lovingly and
told me I was completely nuts?

What if you hadn't
taken my hand
and taken me upstairs?
Where would I stand?

Would I have stayed
in the corner, bleeding and hurt?
Or would I have gone to the bathroom
and kill myself, watching my blood spurt?

Would I have gotten to know
the amazing person you were?
Or would I be dead,
would that be for sure?

Would I have learned
I don't have to bleed,
that love and affection,
you, were all I need?

Oh, my sweet boy.
You changed my life.
You took away
my pain and my strife.

But the tumor took you,
it made you its slave.
You were ruled by the tumor
from your young age to the grave.

Oh, my sweet Jake,
your life was mine too.
I don't want to survive
one more day without you.

You were my life,
my boy, my smile, my strength.
To make me happy
you would go to any length.

But now you're gone,
and I'm getting worse.
David's scared I'll be taken
away in a hearse.

I hear them,
I hear the voices.
They're making me make
the wrong choices.

I can't tell David,
I can only tell you.
Jake, please.
I don't know what to do.

The voices are back,
David can't know.
You're the only place
I know to go.

But it's all a waste
of time, Jake you're dead.
Something's wrong
with my head.

I thought you were alive,
just away.
I can't take this
one more day.

I'm going crazy,
sweet boy, crazy for you.
Please, Jake.
Tell me what to do.