"Why do you have to leave?" She asked him as he turned his back on her.

"They, found me." He smiled sadly as he replied.

"But you can protect yourself! You can even kill them!" She exclaimed happily.

He just kept on smiling and shook his head.

"Then I can protect you! Then you don't have to leave!"

"No." He replied. "I don't want anyone else to get involved. This is my problem."

"B-but…" He looked at her and smiled sadly.

"Bye, Akane…"


A women with red hair walked along the crowd of people slightly hiding her face with a long coat. She passed by many bars and ignored people trying to get her into their shop. She continued walking until the amount of people around her started decreasing. Not showing any curiosity around her she turned into a dark alley to take a short cut to her destination. Finally she stopped her feet and looked at the scene before her. She was standing on a cliff that overlooked the nightscape of the city she just walked through. She sat down on the grass and closed her eyes letting the wind blow through her short hair.

"I need to leave."

She remembered the face of her best friend and how sad he looked every time she looked at him. Why was he stuck with that fate? Why couldn't it be anyone else?

All these questions circled in her mind as she finally opened her eyes. It's not going to solve anything if she just complains about his predicament. The only thing she can do was…

"Parallel Star." She clutched her hands as she said the name. She looked up to the sky and remembered what he told her in their past conversations.

"Don't worry. Don't feel so sad when you're alone because we'll always find each other someday. Why? Because-"

"We're all under the same sky.." She smiled and decided to relax on the only free day she will ever get.


A man with gray hair stood before a grave stone in a cemetery near his childhood home. He looked down on the writing on it and glared slightly through his glasses.

Mizushima Naoki
Mizushima Minami

Two names were only written on the stone and nothing else. Not even a 'Here lies' or anything. I mean why should he lie about his parents being there? His parent's bodies were in ashes never to be found.

He walked away from the cemetery not wanting to remember those memories. He walked slowly under the moonlight to a huge land of dirt. A few burnt grass patches were found but it still seemed like nothing existed. No one would expect there was an orphanage here. No one would expect everyone in there died. No one would expect the survivors would be out for revenge.

Everything he owned, everything he loved was destroyed because of one stupid rock. He took a few deep breaths and continued to keep his calm. He thought about his friends, his family, and the fire that took all that away. The people who took all that away. The stone that took all that away. He clutched his hands into a fist and looked up to the sky.

He didn't care how many people stopped him. He didn't care how many people told him it's impossible. He was going to get revenge. Even if he has to stand alone, he was going to kill even torture them for what they have done. And the best way to do that is…

"The Parallel Star." He smiled sadistically and walked away from the former orphanage. Oh, how disappointed his parents would be.