"Hey, where you going aneki?" A boy asked his sister as she hurried down the stairs.

"I've got work, Ken." She answered.

"Is working at a restaurant that hard?" Ken asked.

"Hey! I'm the manager! I don't just work there!" An pouted.

"Okay, Okay." Ken laughed. "Remember to come home today or I'll starve."

"There you go, thinking about only yourself." An laughed. "Okay, I'll be off." She waved as she opened the door. Before she left Ken covered his ears as she sucked in some air. "I'M GOING, MOM!" She yelled.

"BE SAFE, HONEY!" Their mom yelled back and An skipped out of the door.

"Man, the women in this house." Ken sighed.


As An reached the corner her phone rang. She continued to walk as she checked her phone screen. She glared at her screen when she stopped at the stoplight.

"Will you take the Job?"

She turned off her screen and sighed then looked up to the sky. Her brown curly hair danced around her.

"I wish they would stop giving me jobs when I have work." She smiled.


"I really wish that Aries would stop pairing me up with you." A man with light green hair and a green mask complained as they continued to run.

"Why? It's so fun hanging out with you!" Leo smiled having her curly brown hair fly behind her with her yellow mask.

"Watch out!" Gemini pushed Leo's head down as the police started firing at them.

"Ha!" Leo laughed. "Take this." She snapped her fingers and the police car exploded.

"I knew we should've taken the underground path." Gemini regretted.

"Hey! This is more exciting!" She laughed. They continued to run as they dodged more incoming bullets.

"Tch. These people are really persistent!" She grumbled. "What should we do? There's no place to hide! It's a stinkin alley! Where can we go!?"

"Come here," Gemini pulled Leo into a random nearby door. "I have an idea!" When they entered, it looked like some sort of a kitchen. Luckily no one was in there.

Suddenly Gemini pushed Leo down onto the ground.

"Wha-What are you-" She looked up to him.

"Shut up." Gemini said and grabbed her wrists, pinning them down. Suddenly the person above her changed and become some random guy she's never seen before.

"What is he doing!?"

Beore Leo could react the people who were chasing them barged in.

"We are the Police! Have you seen-" They looked down on them and stared. After a moment they blushed and shut the door.

"S-sorry for disrupting!" After a while the two heard their footsteps disappear in the distance.

"They're gone." Gemini sighed and got off of Leo. He took of his mask and ran his fingers through his hair.

Leo got up and continued to look down avoiding his gaze.

"Leo?" Gemini looked at her then started to smirk. "Are you blushing?"

"N-no." Leo stammered.

"Then look at me." Gemini tilted his head to see if he can catch a glimpse of her. "Hey." He raised his hand towards his cheek. Leo, trying to hide her embarrassment, grabbed his wrist.

"Ow. Ow. Ow." Gemini held his wrist where Leo burned him.

"L-lets go back to HQ!" She stood up and rushed out of the kitchen. He just sat there and smirked at her retreating figure. He chuckled and put his mask back on, following in her suit.


Xu's POV

"Xu, did you hear?" Yin came up to me randomly in the living room.

"What?" I asked with the remote in my hand. Yin just grabbed the remote from my hand and changed the channel to the news. It was showing footages of a break-in in the national museum.

"And?" I looked back at Yin.

"And~ Boss thinks that it's Zodiac." He explained.


"And~ He Sent an investigation group on the case."

"And?" I asked him the same question over and over.

"Dude, you can figure out the rest." He sighed. "Then I forgot, you were stupid."

"Hey! What does that have to do with anything!?" I protested. "But I still don't know what you're talking about." I admitted.

Before Yin could answer Si, who was passing by with a stack of paper in her arms answered.

"Leader Zi is sending you to go with the investigation group to find any evidence left by Zodiac."

"Yes! There you go! Genius, right here!" Yin emphasized.

"Wait, why do I have to go?" I asked.

"Because you're the only one free." He said.


"Don't complain to me! Go tell that to Zi." Yin interrupted. I sighed in defeat and stood up from the couch. I started to walk to the door when Si stopped me.

"Remember. Don't underestimate them." She warned. "You have a tendency to do that."

"Alright, I'll be fine. It's just an investigation, right?" I smiled and left.


Normal POV

"You guys need to be more careful!" Aries stood before them. "You guys were almost caught! You know how dangerous that is!?"

"Sorry…" Gemini and Leo said in unison. Aries sighed and smiled.

"Just be careful next time, okay?" They nodded and left Aries' office.

"Phew, good thing Aries is nice." Leo said.

"You've never seen the real Aries then." Gemini replied.

"What?" She questioned.

"You got to remember why Ares is are leader." Gemini smirked and started walking away.

"Hey!? What is that supposed to mean?" Before Leo reached Gemini Libra grabbed her shoulder.


"Leo, You've got a job." Libra calmly said. She sighed and nodded.

"Lately, I've been getting a lot of jobs." She said.

"You were the one complaining that you wanted more excitement." He said.

"Oh, yeah I did say that." Libra sighed and gave her a paper.

"What!? This is close to the place I went earlier today!" She complained.

"Yes, and next time can you go through the underground path?"

"Alright~!" She exclaimed and skipped away from Libra. Libra sweat dropped at her retreating figure.


"Aries? What are you looking at?" Libra asked. She was at her desk with a few papers lined up side by side.

"People's profile." She answered.

"More specific?" She sighed and showed him one of the papers.

"NSIA agents?"

"Not just any agents. Agents of AAU." She explained.

"What do they have to do with anything?"

"I'm suspecting that they're the ones who are after us."

Libra just stood there staring at the paper.

"Not only that," Aries took out another paper from her desk and handed it to Libra. "I looked at their data from their former missions. Then with some help from Virgo I figured out something really interesting."

"They're-" Libra looked at the data surprised and Aries just smiled.

"Yup. They're just like us." She leaned back on her chair and smiled. "But, I don't know if they know that. The NSIA either sent them after us because we're something regular agents can't handle or they know that they can't stop us unless they send people like us after us." She explained.

"Only if you act that smart all the time." Libra Sighed.

"Hey! What is that supposed to mean!" Aries protested then changed back into her serious tone.

"But that's not our only problem." She glared at the paper in front of her.

"Their after 'it' too." She said.

"I would be surprised if they weren't." Libra replied.

"We need to get that stone before anyone else." Aries said.

"I know, but everyone is like that. It's not going to be easy."

"I KNOW!" Aries shouted surprising even Libra. "Uh, S-sorry…"

"It's okay." He smiled.

"I-I just…" Libra just patted her head.

"I know how it's important to you. We'll find it. Don't worry." He reassured.

She sighed and rested her forehead against her head. "I hope so."

Libra left the room to give her some time alone. She sat still for a few moments and sighed once again.

"Ophiuchus…." She slammed her head against the desk. "Oi, Shiki…. Where are you?"