His Dark Embrace

The suited man
Without a face
Beckons you into
His dark embrace –
His lanky arms
Hands thin and stark
Reach out to take you
Into the dark.
His calling echoes
Inside your mind,
And soon you cannot
Run – you find
You're walking towards
The being instead
Your soul is filling
Full of dread.
You fight it in vain;
Your muscles tense.
His frame is slender;
His height is immense.
You feel your pulse
Begin to race
As he draws you into
His dark embrace.
His arms around
Your body clasp;
Around your limbs
His tendrils grasp,
All 'round and 'round you
Like a wreath.
You feel them root
Themselves beneath
Your skin. They curl
Slow and precise
Around your organs.
Your blood becomes ice,
You cannot move –
You're numb and cold,
Ensconced in his
Powerful hold.
You can't escape,
You're in terrible pain.
He's torturing you,
Invading your brain.
Your eyelids grow heavy.
Your body grows weak.
You break out in cold sweats.
You can no longer speak.
He's warping your senses,
He's stealing your breath,
He controls your mind,
Shows you visions of death.
Your sanity withers,
Your life's fading fast –
You realize this breath
Will be your last,
As tears are streaming
Down your pallid face.
You will never escape from
His dark embrace.