Only God knows

That I dream of death,

Of the final breath

That will send me far away

From what I know,

From what I want to know,

And from what I

Never want to know.

Only God knows

That I want a life,

Miles away from

The skeletal knife

Of the family I know

That is lodged inside

The cage of ribs

That homes a heart.

Only God knows

That I love a girl,

An angel of light

That hides in the dark.

She hides in her secrets

That none of us know,

Of the loneliness

And days in the snow.

Only God knows

What my mother does not.

He knows of the scars,

Invisible to eyes,

But known to the heart

And the mind that has

Been shaken and shattered

To far to be repaired.

Only God knows

That I tell my life

To the friends I hold

So dear to my heart.

One day they'll be gone,

And I'll be alone,

But still they shall know

Of their good broken friend.

Only God knows

That I write these songs,

Not just about life,

But about love.

He knows that I want

To love with my heart,

To hold someone close

And never be apart.

Only God knows

That I want to die.

I want to hide

Alone inside.

But my mind

Is cluttered with words

That I share with the world,

But not to myself.

Only God knows

That my mind is a mess,

A frazzled scatter plot

Of dreams I can't access.

I hope that one day

When I am alive

I'll know what my mind

Tried to tell me all along.