If I tell you what you want to hear, I know you will believe me. If I wear the clothing that you love to wear, I know you'll think I have style. If I if I treat you with the respect you think you deserve, I know you'll think you own me. I know how you are, and you know I won't do these things.

If I hope to be left alone, I know your voice will crowd up my mind. If I try to be myself, I know you'll push me down. If I pray to God that you'll stop this pain, I know that you'll never stop. I know how you are, and you know that I speak the truth.

If I lost my own way, I know you wouldn't care. If I broke down and cried again, I know that you'd pretend not to hear. If I finally manned up and stopped this emotional torture, I know you wouldn't go to my funeral. I know how you are, and you know that when this is finally over, I'll be the one lying in the casket.

No shootings.

No accusations.

Nothing but life, and truth, and hope.

But now it's over.