With despair may we all perish,

And die a painful death.

As humanity falls we all start to languish,

And when the angels weep, they

Bring a shallow rain upon our pact

With heaven and hell.

A crucible that once was worshiped,

To the false gods within our religion,

A broken promise that was urgent,

To the human race and its survival.

They lied to us upon their word,

And with honor gone out blazing souls leave the world.

We may try to fight within out hearts,

But with endless fear and brave restraints,

The rebellion crushed under failure to impart,

And the weight of its own dark conscience.

We think we have the will to fight,

But we will never win.

Wallow under the shade of deception,

A web of falsity to confine our instinct,

We know that there is corruption,

But how far will we go to stop this?

On the brink of insanity,

We lose our self inside our boundless minds.

Perhaps this confinement may keep us safe,

Bridled by our own fear,

Though what we fear starts to strafe,

But we appear so brave with crooked smiles,

A mask made out of fabric

Out of endless madness.

Fall into the void abyss,

Think of what time to think upon thought,

Question each question that may seem amiss,

And may no facts go unheard.

In this shadowed realm of black and white,

A grey whisper asks you to open your eyes.

Omniscient as you know the truth,

The darkness lifted for a reason,

Startled figures in the night,

Skulking and hiding avoiding the light.

Lost in darkness they had been,

But now the truths have now awakened.

Too much to breathe,

The truths are thick and painful,

As they circle and start to wreathe,

No more to conjoin to my fragile reality,

No more, no more!

We shut our eyes and once again,

We are lost in darkness.