Is there nothing after death,

A void to wander with no light.

No paved roads and no paved paths.

If you die will you not come back,

To haunt the world as the dead.

Nothing to guide you to stay on track.

Is there nor Heaven nor Hell,

A sanctuary that is the final paradise.

Or an inferno where all the damned may fall.

When you're departed from your life,

May you spectate from above?

An eternity spent gazing, gazing at their strife.

Death is the end for any with or without faith.

For once you are buried within the ground,

That is where you will stay.

When a being may die that is the end.

There is no comfort to prepare; indeed it is abrupt,

You do not sink down nor do you ascend.

Nothing will last forever as goes the course of life,

But while it may begin with life;

all must end in an inescapable and irrefutable death.