I'm one of the outcasts,

I have decided to confess,

What I did in their pasts,

I wasn't trying to impress.

Well, they were all aghast,

That it wasn't against my will,

They all ran away fast,

They had always said I would kill.

I had just bought a gun,

For a long time he had bugged me,

Actually it was fun,

It was like a big parody.

Though utterly real,

Something is creeping in, its guilt,

To know he'll never heal,

I've been stabbed right up to the hilt.

My conscious is screaming,

I ask myself "What have I done!?"

The devil is beaming,

I haven't any friends, not one.

I am gripped with a fear,

I'm forever trapped in this cell,

I walk off the pier,

I hope that I'm welcomed in hell.