There was once a family who lived in North Carolina. Sandra lived with her husband, Mitchell, along with their two children. Sandra was expecting her third child. Unfortunately, the baby was still-born. This left her, mentally scarred, and she began drinking and abandoning her duties. Mitchell, couldn't work and cook at the same time. And along with a financial crisis, he could not support the family.

The children were bullied at school, because of their shabby clothes, and low-quality material. One time, they were caught stealing someone else's belonging. Mitchell had long wanted them to be out of school so he wouldn't have to pay school fees, but they would be arrested for truancy if they had done that. Sandra just sat staring on the worn down couch staring at nothing, like she had lost her life's entire purpose. Soon, they couldn't keep up with the rent, and the family was kicked out of the house. Mitchell had lost his job.

Mitchell decided to borrow a large sum of money from a bank. He was entitled to pay it all back by the end of 15 years. Mitchell used the money to buy back his house, find a new job, pay bills, and buy groceries.

Years flew by like minutes, and the children left the house. One left for a musical career in Nashville, Tennessee. The other fell in love with a man and moved to California. Sandra was so intoxicated she was forced to live in a nursing home. Mitchell was left alone in the house. One day, a letter came.

It read:


This is just a friendly reminder that your debt is due next Tuesday.

Julian Yan,

Belcorp Bank

Mitchell had forgotten all about the debt and started to panic. He had no idea how to get that much money in 3 days.

Inevitably, Tuesday arrived. An ambassador knocked on the door. Mitchell knew what would happen. All his property would be stripped of him, everything he bought with the money. And he would be charged with a 10 year fee.

Mitchell started crying. The ambassador took pity on him. He gave him a three month extension to pay back all the money. That night Mitchell read through his bills to see how much he was in debt. However, he stumbled upon a piece of paper. It stated that each month, a withdrawal was made from his salary. This was the money he owed the bank. In fact, he had already payed off the debt. Mitchell hired an attorney. With the evidence, Belcorp Bank was accused of forcing more money out of someone through a fake debt. They were arrested, and was never seen again.

By Leo Su 7B