This is today's featured poem: A free-verse poem! Yaaaaay! :D I know these types of poems are cheesy, but I'll try to use just a slight sprinkling of cheese. o3o

I saw you walking away from me, a tear in your eye

But no matter what I could even try to do, you're gone

There's no reason or rhyme

But I see now what damage has been done to us

I can't help but scream and cry

You're all I've ever known

I hope one day we'll at least be friends

But I suppose you don't normally swing that way

I hate this, you know

Why did this have to happen?

Why did you have to change?

I hope one day you'll be back for me, at least to save the day

But the sorrow left in my heart cannot be filled by just you

I need my own time to heal so I get over the pain

You left a deep scar on me

And now I'm sitting here, thinking of you

Even though I know it's crazy

They say I'm too young to know love, and I pretend to think that, too

But I know within me I felt something

Something that changed my whole life

I miss you, you know

I can't help feeling this way

But it's too late for sorry and I love you

We'll never be the same

I want nothing more for you to forgive me

But what has been, has been said

And it's too late for change

So when I see you again someday

I wonder what we'll do

Will we laugh?

Will we cry?

Or just reminisce about old times?

Or perhaps we'll just pretend we never even knew each other

Before I go, I'd just like to point out

That I have loved every moment

And I'll never forget you

I won't lie and say that this was all was a mistake

Because I truly loved you, without any regrets

I just wish you to know that I'll be okay now

As long as you're not forever gone, I'll be okay

So next time we see each other

Please just think about what you'll do

And maybe if the time is right

You'll fly by my side once again

Okay I'll admit, it was super cheesy. XD Well that's all now! See you at my next poem! :3