Chapter One

"Good evening and welcome to Film Corner, the show where we tell you what we think of the latest films and whether they are worth your time. I'm your host, Donald Greyson " Greyson introduced himself to the viewers watching his show at home.

Mr. Grayson was a professional movie critic with his own primetime show, the Movie Corner.

He had been in this business for twenty years and thought he knew everything about movies.

His particular taste in movies were movies that held a social relevance and he thought that everyone should share this taste.

So that excluded movies fun movies like Attack Of The Killer Monkey Zombies.

In fact, he gave that movie such a bad review, that the director, Andy Wraith, committed suicide.

And in private, he didn't feel the least bit bad about the director's death.

He said to his wife, "If he makes such an abomination of a movie, then he deserves to die,"

But, he apologized for the sake of keeping his fans.

Tonight, he was going to review a film called "The Dolphin-Man Goes To Mars"

"This film was crap with a side order of Styrofoam and a large beverage of boredom. It held no purpose and was an absolute waste of time. So, if you are a masochist; then go, buy a ticket," He said, in a cruel parody of recommendation.

He switched to a commercial break and goes backstage to eat a doughnut.

Lurking in the shadows was a mysterious figure, we won't tell you who, that would ruin the story.

All that we will tell you is that they were hell-bent on revenge.

They had decided to put an end to Greyson reign of terror. For good.

Tonight was the night he decided to strike. When he reviewed his movie and bashed it like he had Andy's.

It was time.

His plan was simple, have a mercenary for hire kill Greyson so they could cover up their tracks and replace him with a life-like android programmed to love every movie he sees.

It seemed a perfect plan.

That night, they followed him home.

Every night, Greyson had made a ritual of visiting the alley where his father was killed.

A large, burly man by the name of Calvin came behind Greyson and shot him in the head right in the middle of the alley.

Where his cold, lifeless, dead body would lay until morning.