If imagination is more important

Than knowledge,

Let everything I know about you

Turn into dreams

That will never come true;

Dreams about a time when

You belong to me

And I belong to you.

But if reality fades

Into a land of love,

Can my mind betray me

As my voice does

When I tell you that

I don't love you?

Oh, the enmity

I have for my heart

Overwhelms my brittle mind;

An organ filled with

Dreams that I will never


So, let the morning light flood

The world with birdsong and

Airy awakenings,

But forever remember

The confession of my

Lowly heart to your

Distantly listening worlds.

And when you pretend not to hear,

Allow my shattered souls to

Run away towards

All the early colours of a

Decaying twilight,

Softly fading

Into night.

(Allow my soul

To run away,

To never see

Another day.

Tell my mind

To fade away,

So I can

Pretend not to

Care that I can't

Tell you that

I love you

More than you know,

More than you would

Ever care to know.

I don't know how I can

Live to see another day

Without you near.)