The trees,
Tall and strong,
Stubborn and wilful,
Yet they sway,
Like a feather in the wind.
She's there,
She's in the trees.

The squirrel,
Hidden within,
Sneaky and small,
Wise and quick,
Yet it bundles in fear.
She's there,
She's in the squirrel,
She's the nut it fights to keep.

She's the bird who sings,
Through the good,
The bad,
Through each moment,
The bird will sing.
She's there,
She's everywhere.

She's the tiger,
As she captures her prey,
She is the prey.

She's the sun,
Bright and warm,
Strong and Everlasting,
She's in the moon,
The stars, the sky,
The water you drink,
She's there,
She's everywhere.

The life we live,
Every breath we take,
She's there.

And as it beats,
My heart knows one thing,
She's there,
She's in my heart,
She's in every heart,
She's everywhere.

She's the wind,
The pest, the dream,
The rain, the song,
The path you take,
She's the reason,
She is the world.

She's everywhere,
But her heart,
Dominant as it is,
Belongs to only one,
Her heart belongs to him.
She's there,
She's in him
She's everywhere, everything.