I just wrote a song, a very bad one cause I was bored.

Everybody get outta my way,

Cause let me tell you guys,

I'm here to stay.

I've got goals and I plan to accomplish

Get in the way and I'll give you a fresh plate

Of butt kickin,

Would you like a side dish?

I'm gonna show you all

Can't keep me down fools

Don't care about the law,

Gonna dominate,

Not gonna hesitate,

To get what I want,

Fresh plate of butt kickin' side dish of Ice Cream for the lickin'

Get outta my way,

I swear I'll make you pay,

I might go out but I'm bringing you with me,

With me,

Don't doubt me or you'll die,

I'm afraid I just simply am not able to

Tell a lie,

Get outta my way

'Cause I'm here to stay

You're all tiny insignificant


Get ready to die,

Would you like one last

Slice of pie before I finish you off?

Sorry, I ain't got no mercy,

Hey, can't you see

But I am generous so I'll let you have your last

Plate of butt kickin' with a side of french fries

'Hope you're ready to die