Where Did All the Christians Go?

Where did all the Christians Go?
They disappeared and nobody knows.
Every single one at the same hour.
No more preaching about some Jesus power.

For me, I'm no Jesus Freak.
Bible verses don't spit out when I speak.
But there is something that worries me the most
And it haunted me like a dreadful ghost.

For the Christians, this was expected
But for me, it was just unaceppted.
But what does all this mean?
Is there really some God unseen?

The Christians also warned everyone
That bad things will happen, a lot, a ton,
Right after they all disappear.
Then horrible plagues will be near.

What scared me to death so much
and is shocking like an electric touch
That before I knew when they were due
These events all became true.

My whole family died, my dad, my mother
Some even just killed each other
But just because my whole family died
That is not the only reason why I cried.

The economy is a terrible mess
Because food is now less and less
So the prices went up way too high
And all I can ask is why.

I have no more money, no one has
Since there is none powerful as
The new leader's, the anti-Christ's mark
But should I get it or be left in the dark?

Is this what the Christians meant?
I could believe, but I also relent.
How do I know what is right?
It is too hard to hold on tight.

Then a Jew came and changed my life
Throughout the mist of the war and strife.
He explained in a slow calm rate
That I should hurry before its too late.

If I don't believe that for me, Jesus fell
Then I will be sent into a life in hell.
Yet if I become a Christian, you see
Then the world will be out to kill me.

I am not so sure if I should believe.
Would a new faith help me relieve?
While I decide on this the torment continues
and more horrible plagues hit the news.

Soon a horrible earthquake caused a great attack.
Then the moon turned red and the sun black.
Stars fell from the sky to the floor
As the earth began to shake some more.

As this happened I ran into a cave,
Wondering if there is a God that can save.
Other people hid with me, asking for refuge from the land,
Saying, "The Lamb's wrath had come, and who can stand?"

Suddenly complete silence filled my ear,
Yet I could tell greater threats are near.
As this continued for half an hour,
I began to think more of God's power.

I watched fire, hail and blood came from the sky
And more things begin to die.
Most of the water is gone, the sky has no light.
Is there a way to end this fight?

I did not yet take the anti-Christ's mark.
I was left to starve, my life feeling dark.
Yet those who did are attacked by locusts with stingers.
For five months their torment lingers.

The people with the mark suffer more
As their skin exprienced more than one painful sore.
Then the sun set their bodies in fire
And my worriedness grows higher.

The world is collapsing, and I am too.
I've given up, I admit the Bible is true.
I should follow God, the world is too wild.
Now God has a new saved child.

I finally became a Christian, I accepted the Lord
And I hope being a martyr I can afford.
For anyone without the Beast's mark is sentenced to die.
But I know believing is right in God's eye.

The Christians are being gathered, being given one last chance
To choose the mark or life will not enhance.
I know I should deny it, I believe in a new hope.
But am I ready for the end of my rope?

The new Christians are in danger of murder.
Some take the mark so their suffering goes no further.
For God is not as valuable to their souls
Since staying alive are their only goals.

I remember that Jew who helped me that day
And showed me that Jesus is the way.
He was killed for believing and preaching about God's son.
I will be too if my love for the anti-Christ's is none.

I don't want the mark or to die.
These scary thoughts make me cry.
Everyone knows there's a God above
But should I trust in His love?

It's soon my turn, and to my head a man points a large, scary gun.
He asks me if I want the mark, and I can not run.
I believed for not so long, should I put God aside?
I try not to think of the pain as I decide.

I think about what I just said,
If I did say it or was it in my head?
Then I looked up, and I see someone surrounded by light.
It's Jesus, saying,"Welcome home, my child, you did what was right."

Author's Note:

If you didn't figure it out, I based this off the book of Revelations and about the Rapture and God's judgment.

If you read the first lines and thought I was not a Christian, I am a Christian just to let you know.

Hope you enjoyed this really long poem.

God Bless!