So That's What Happened?


"So you're telling me you ran here on foot?" The officer looked over his left shoulder as he inspected the youth gasping for breath with his black hair falling like seaweed in front of his face.


"So are you just going to stand there or tell me why?"



The officer concentrated hard on the pale boy his eyes gliding up and down his face. The boy's hair fell to his sides as he looked. Green eyes widening as if to realize a horrid mistake.

There was an odd silence as the wind blew through the little town of Kently. The police officer hardened his glare, looking with his icy blue-silver eyes. Then an odd smile crept across his face as the boy backed up slightly with a grim look.

"Well, God shines his light again." He paused putting his hand on his black belt.

"If it isn't the No.1 trouble maker, I hope you are here to turn yourself in, it is best, boy."

Crossing his arms the officer bent down to the boys 5'4" and heard the boy whispered a silent curse.