So That's What Happened?



My eyes flicked wildly as my hands covered my damaged items. Who knew black and white converse could be so deadly? I knew. I should have known. Oliver always made this so difficult. I blinked rapidly trying to regain sight of the short raven haired boy. He would be hard to find in this alley way, the light barely cutting throw the buildings. I wish he had disappeared into the other direction. At least then I know no one or no thing could hurt him. Who knows what was is this town. I haven't been here all that long... And here I thought a quiet town like this would be easier than the highly populated cities I usually watch over but this boy has made the switch quite hard to enjoy.

I leaned against the wall of the Carton's Bakery looking up at the clear blue sky infiltrated by streaming white clouds. I moved my left hand dragging it throw my short light blonde hair. I pause with my palm over my eyes, I was trying to clear my mind and think of where this boy would go. Hmm...

Would he go to his usually hide out? Or was that a decoy for me to go to? Maybe he'll be near the river or maybe... somewhere else on the outskirts of this town. I take a deep breath and think harder. Then another thought poured into my mind. Where did he come from?


I say that in a slight whisper many times as another thought dropped in. He needed to see an officer for something... He needed help? Another trick? Maybe. Maybe. He was out of breath when her ran over here so he was running from something and from somewhere but what was so dangerous that he had to find an officer? That doesn't sit right with me, in such a calm town someone could be running in fear. Of what though?

"George, maybe you should have just pretended to not recognize him."

Then I'd know. No. He seemed to have the same look on his face to see it was me. He seems to really hate me, unlike the others who were very welcoming to me. Or is it that he just doesn't like police officers? Or people? He doesn't strike me as antisocial though. Maybe it's just me. Hmm...


I hear heavy foot steeps walking, dragged out. They seem to mix with the wind slightly. I think about following after the sound as I hear running. Not a foreign sound, very familiar. Too familiar. It was coming closer and closer. Soft and quick. I know these steps and I glare over to the side.


He pushes past me in a frantic motion. What's got him so scared? So I haven't gotten any sleep but Jeez I like to think I have to try to install fear into other's with my looks.

I think my ego hurts.

Wait. He already had that look when he ran down here. So I was right.

I love being right.

I look at the empty alley way. Raising an eyebrow I stare again. I looked away and a smirk crept upon my tan skin. Opening my lips I spoke with a chuckle.

"Aw. How cute. He's scared of the dark."

Then it happened.

I turned around staring face to face with a 6'7" man with gigantic pulsing muscles.

I hate being right.

Did I say face to face? More like face to chest. I'm not short by any means but 6'1" and 6'7" aren't exactly close in measure.

I look up slowly tracing the man's muscles seeing how I measure up. What? Was he a body builder, yeah, he must be that plus some steroids. Yes. Lots of steroids.

I pause to stare at his blood-shot eyes.

I flinch. He's the type to get shot and not even move. Quite scary. Beat them and they will break you like a twig. I'm not twig-ish by any means but I could become twig-ish if you know what I mean.

If the rest of the force was here I may of, would have, put up some sort of battle but hey. I mean, why get my ass kicked when I'm 100 percent sure I could out run him without a scratch.

You know when I was in school I was the star of the track team. I had unmatched and unbeatable speed. It always comes in handy. And I love a good trophy.

So I ran. Not the noblest thing but smartest. I'm a smart man of high intellect. Self proclaimed.

I convinced my noble half that I was searching for Oliver to stop him from causing more problems for the town.

I still was, it just was second priority.

Living was first.

The next two things happened to my fortune and misfortune.

I found Oliver.


The man chasing us has great leg muscles.


Basically Oliver took me on the tour of the town.

To the left of us you'll see Billy's Hardware Store. To the right a recreational area for all to enjoy. In front of that you will see the lovely sporting goods center for all your sport needs. Across of that you see the lovely three-story remodeled Kently Library! It's one of the largest and most prized sites of the entire town. Now if you look behind you, you'll see the hulk in his all new skin color. Why be green When you can be a freaky red? Like a tomato.

We continued across the entire town like that. Winding back to the same place as before. That is something I like about this town. You can find everything after a while if you just keep moving forward and keep your eyes open.

I think the library is the true center.

You know why didn't I just get someone out of the police station to help me. We passed it twice cutting through a few alleys and walkways.

George, you're an idiot.

Then I had an obvious thought.

"The car!"

Oliver slowed down a bit as he shifted around and B-lined to the car.I unlocked it as he yanked the door open. Locking it after we got in simultaneously, I drove away faster than light.

Finally seeing the insane man stopped chasing the car. I sighed in relief. Then an evil grin stretched across my face. Somehow I managed to get Oliver into the back of my police car without a struggle.

I'm a genius.

"Alright Oliver, I'm going to take you down to the station-"

What's that sound. Like scratching? Yes. Something scratching or carving... I turn slightly keeping my eyes on the road only to see Oliver carving a hole into the back seat's window.

And honestly, it didn't really register what was going on until I heard the glass crash against the road. The shatter made me realize what he was going to do.

His small frame aided him as he slipped, feet first, out of my car. I started to yell as he got halfway out of the car.

"Oliver! Oliver! Stop! Do you know how fast I'm going?"


"And you're going to jump out of my window?"

"I ain't going to the police station! You can't take me!"

"Get in the car Oliver, I don't want you to get hurt!"

"If you don't want me to get hurt then slow the car down."

"Get inside!"






"Oliver, I won't take you to the police station. I just think we should talk okay?"



I look back again only to see an empty back seat.

I look to the road and I see nothing but a few things of trash. What is this kid magic?

No. Magic isn't real...

I looked at the garden of flowers and perfectly aligned green grass. I saw an odd flick of black traveling fast past the enlarged human-sized sun flowers.

"Damn this kid."