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Ok so to recap so far today I have woken up late , fell down the stairs lots the keys to my car and was late for school , forgot about homework and smacked my head off a locker. This day was going to be fucking amazing. Right now I'm listing to the most boring person ever blabber on about the patriarchal society of Macbeth amazing! It was torture and to top it all off my ex-girlfriend is sitting right in front of me today playing footsie with her boyfriend under the table. My best friend Michael has the same look of boredom plastered on his face. We have been best friends since we were about 6 he's almost like a brother to me. We met in kindergarten after fighting over a superman toy. Good times. The bell goes signalling the end of the school day. Finally thought I was fucking going to have to fake my own death or something.

Michaels stoked about some party tonight that he is dragging me to. That's one time where there is a difference with me and Michael he's always up for a party whereas me I like to play PlayStation a lot. As his best friend thought it's my duty to make sure he doesn't get arrested or something for running around streaking. Well make sure it doesn't happen again. At party's I'm basically known as Robert "designated driver" Davern and Michaels more Michael "bare ass" Smith, due to his infatuation with taking his clothes off.

At about eight I got into my car and went to collect Michael and his sister Marie and her friend Kat. Marie was in the year below us. She's a year younger than Michael and me but she's cool. She hangs out with us some times. I pull up outside the house and Michael runs out first. "Hey man Mar will be out in a second she's just getting her coat and purse." He said and then proceeded to change radio stations.

A few seconds later Mar walks out with her friend Kat. Holy shit! I couldn't control myself my jaw dropped. Mar had turned hot. She was no longer just a little girl she was now a smoking hot woman. Fucking hell! She wore a midi length skin tight black and white dress that showed off her rocking body, a red pair of really high heels that made her look even sexier, a bowler hat on her head and a leather jacket on top. She looked like a total badass. I had a thing for badasses. She got into the car and leaned around to hug me and kissed me on the cheek and said "hey rob" in her cheery little voice. She has always done this but this time I turned bright red.

The whole journey I couldn't stop thinking about Mar. I know I shouldn't be thinking of my best friend's sister but shit she was hot. She still acted like mar and spoke like Mar but everything's just seemed to fit better. She was always had a funny flirty personality but never dresses to suit her personality she always wore track suits jerseys and big hoodies. She was a Tom boy always was as far as I can remember. I do know some of this was due to her overprotective brother's side.

If Michael knew what I was thinking he would kill me. I couldn't help it. We arrive at the party and her and Kat separated them from us. That's good right out of sight out of mind. Wrong! I still can't get her out of my head.

We're here about 30 minutes and so far 4 girls have tried to mount me. Don't get me wrong , it wasn't a completely unenjoyably experience it just wasn't so good with them so drunk them getting sick on you is a huge possibility.

The rest of the boys turned up not long after. I'm actually starting to enjoy myself. Ian a guy off my football team was hanging out with us. He is actually a pretty fun guy.

I was almost starting to forget about Mar that was until she started to walk towards us. It looks as if she is heading straight for me. My mouths gone dry and I feel like a little bitch inside. Dude what the fuck man up. She's just mar a girl you have known for ages. She isn't heading for me after all she's heading for her brother who is standing right beside me.

"Mike, I need your phone to text mom."

"Yeah alright just give it straight back."

She sat on the counter top in between me and mike and rested her arm on my shoulder. Hannah then came up to the group and they joined in on the conversation. During this I realised Mar hadn't really changed just her look had. She was more than happy to talk about sports and video games with her. She was basically every dude's wet dream.

Time came around for us to leave. "Mike will you please be the bestest big brother a girl could have and give me a piggy back out to the car." Mar said with puppy dog eyes.

"No Marie your too heavy and I am too drunk now walk your ass to the car."

"Well fuck u too Mikey." She said frowning.

"Jump on mar" I said offering her my back.

"Woohhoo you're the best Robbie" she said jumping on my back and wrapping her legs around my torso. She was so light and she must have been tired too as she put her head in the crook of my neck and sighed. The smile that crept up on to my face told me that I was in trouble.