Author Notes

I just wish to say that nothing written in this reflects my personal beliefs or opinions. Okay now that is it out of the way. This is for now a oneshot, I may write more for this in the future (I haven't decided yet.)

I hope you like it.

The White Death's Chorus

Cheeks as white as a ghostie.

Spirits inside that the white coat doesn't notice.

Red water in place of a voice.

Once picked you have no choice.

Sleep in a box and curse that you were chosen.

A boy lay in bed, his breathing was ragged, and his face was pale, like he had been bathing in ice. An elderly gentleman was looking down on him whilst rubbing his chin.

"This boy has caught a cold," The gentleman diagnosed, "Just keep him warm and well fed and he'll be jumping up and down in a few days time."

"Really doctor?" A teenage girl asked, her previous anxiety starting to ease. "Will my little brother really be okay?"

"Of course he will my dear," The doctor replies with a smile, "Anyway, I must be off, I have many more appointments." The doctor says as he looks at his watch and starts to pack his medical equipment away. "It comes to twenty seven gold pieces for the consultation."

"Ah, yes of course." The girl reached for the money pouch tied to her waist and hands the doctor a fist full of gold coins. The girl was not rich, in fact it was the opposite. But for the sake of her little brother, money was nothing.

"Then, I will bid you a good day." The doctor gives a curt farewell.

"Yes, thank you very much!" The girl gives a quick bow before closing the door behind the doctor.

Inside of a restaurant sits a boy in his late teens. He was watching the television whilst sipping on his coffee. He was dressed in a pure black shirt that had a white cross on the back, and matching black trousers. This boy was known as Orphan.

"Another eight victims last night have fallen to the mysterious illness known as the White Death. The cause of which is still currently unknown. This brings the total number of fatalities to over three thousand in the past six months." The news reader reports.

The White Death was something that appeared around a year ago. The symptoms were hard to find in the early stages, and even if they were found, there was no cure. If you were unlucky enough to catch it, you were guaranteed to die. There were no real common links between the victims, and it did not seem to be something that was contagious. It was like the victims were picked at random from a roster. Young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, it killed indiscriminately.

"More, huh." Orphan muttered solemnly as he took another sip of his coffee.

"Hey! Hey! Onii-chan?" A little boy addressed Orphan, "Are you a priest? Do you still believe in it?"

"Yes, I do." Orphan replies whilst taking another sip. He knew what was going to be said next.

"My daddy told me that the church was nothing but a scam to make money. And that all people who are from the church are bad people." The boy states as he points his finger at Orphan.

"Well, your dad is entitled to his own opinion I suppose." Orphan just shrugged it off, his opposition was just a mere kid after all, a child who was only repeating something told to him.

"You're a bad person." The kid decides.

"OWWW!" Orphan yelps, the kid had kicked him in the shin. "You brat!" Orphan stands up out of his chair.

"Punishment for the bad person!" The kid shouts as he runs out of the restaurant.

"Haah!" Orphan sighs. He had considered chasing after the boy, but decided it was a wasted effort. Orphan wished to spare what still remained of his dignity.

Centuries ago, religion was something that was vital to the lives of everyone. However, that was now nothing more than a distant memory. The church had killed many people, both directly, and indirectly. For example, there was a time when many women throughout the nation were being accused of being witches, and given unfair trials that was equivalent to giving them the choice of being killed by drowning, or by being burnt alive on the stake. One of the other defining factors that caused people to turn on the church was the advancement in medicine. The church constantly stood in the opposition to doctors when it came to beliefs in illnesses. The church followed the belief in supernatural being the cause; doctors tried to theorise with science. The church claimed that what the doctors said was blasphemy, and hindered their teachings dramatically. Teachings that could have saved many lives, were being hindered by the church. Eventually, the doctors were proven to be correct, and the church was viewed with contempt for misleading the people.

Orphan left the restaurant after paying for his drink.

"Many people tried to profit through the church; it can't be helped that no one can trust us any more." Orphan said to himself solemnly as he wandered down the wet pavement. Raindrops smacked him hard on the head as he walked.

"Please Doctor, my brother is not recovering, he is getting worse! His face has turned even paler!" Orphan turned his head towards the scream. A teenage girl was kneeling on the wet ground gripping tightly on to the doctor she previously had look at her brother. Her voice was full of despair. The doctor was trying to shake her off of himself.

"If you haven't got the gold pieces, then I haven't got the time," He said in a emotionless voice.

"I promise to pay you back, so please!" The girl begged as a mixture of rain and tears ran down her face.

"I don't do IOU's. If you want to make a quick piece of gold, why don't you go do some favours with your body for some noble." The doctor said coldly. The teenage girl froze at the doctors harsh remark, the despair in her face increased even further. She unknowingly loosened her grip on the doctor, who trod off, leaving the drenched girl on the floor.

Orphan approached the girl, who looked as if she had been petrified.

"Are you okay?" He asked the girl as he held out his hand to her. The girl just stared blankly, she had most likely not even noticed Orphan's presence.

Orphan took his hand, and shook the girl on the shoulder. She finally looked up at him.

"Are you okay?" He asks again. The girl quickly wipes her tears, then accepts his hand to help her on to her feet.

Orphan took the girl to a place under cover.

"" The girl said, as tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

"If you could, can you please tell me what is wrong?" Orphan asked politely as he tried to calm her down.

A few moments later and the girl began to explain.

"My brother, about nine days ago, he suddenly fell ill. I used what money I had to get a doctor to look at him. He said it was a cold and that he would recover soon. But he still hasn't recovered, his face is growing paler each day, and this morning, he was coughing up blood."

Orphan's face grew serious as he heard the symptoms.

"Can you let me see your brother miss um..."

"Rita." The girl introduced herself. "But Priest-san, what good would seeing him do?"

"Let's just say that if it is what I think it is, then I can help your brother." Orphan explained.

"But, you're a priest, not a doctor." Rita exclaimed in disbelief.

"If it is what I think it is, then he will die unless I do see him." Orphan decided not to sugar coat his words, the harsh reality was the easiest way for Rita to agree. "You have nothing to lose by letting me see him either. Regardless of whether I cure him or not, I have no intention of demanding money from you."

"Um, in that case. Please follow me Priest-san." Rita agreed as she walked on.

"My name is Orphan." The teenage boy introduced himself.

After walking for about ten minutes.

"Here we are," Rita declared, "He's upstairs."

"Okay," Orphan followed Rita to a room.

*Knock knock* - Rita knocks on one of the doors.

"Riku, how are you feeling?" She asks, before she opens the door.

Orphan steps inside after Rita, and looks at the boy called Riku, who was breathing roughly, his eyes remained closed. Orphan was able to tell what was wrong with him straight away with one look at Riku's pale face.

"As I thought." Orphan said to himself.

"What is it Orphan-san!?" Rita asked pleadingly.

"It's what the doctors are calling the 'White Death'," Orphan explained. From just this, Rita's legs gave out. She knew exactly what the words Orphan said meant. But Orphan instantly contradicted her negative thoughts.

"I can still cure him," He said confidently.

"Impossible! The White Death is incurable!" Rita shouted in anguish.

"For a doctor maybe," Orphan explained as he approached the sick boy, "But, I'm not a doctor."

Orphan took out something that looked like a hilt, suddenly a bright blade appeared out of it. It shined brightly, the previously dimly lit room's visibility increased from the light output.

"Orphan-san?" Rita said weakly.

Riku, who appeared to be sleeping suddenly moved very strangely. His body rose from the bed in a unusual movement. His arms and legs dangled loosely, like he was a puppet being manipulated by strings. A black like aura was spreading out of him.

"Riku?" Rita could not process what was going on.

"One of the angel's hunting hounds, huh?" An eerie voice came out of Riku, it clearly wasn't his own.

"Riku?" Rita called out to her little brother again. Riku did not reply.

"I would like to kindly ask that you leave that boy's body if you will, Devil-san." Orphan said as he pointed his light sword at Riku.

"This boy is unsuitable to be my vessel. But I can at least use him to get rid of you." The eerie voice declared.

"I guess negotiations are over then." Orphan said as he shrugged his shoulders, like he gave up on something that he had no hope in from the beginning.

"Die Priest!" The voice shouted. At the same time a shadowy like arm came out of Riku's body and shot towards Orphan, who quickly dodged it. More arms began to start growing out of the first arm, branching out like a tree. The many hands, again tried to home in on Orphan, who this time started to use his light sword to sever the arms. However, as fast as he could cut them, more kept growing to replace them.



Some of the arms were heading for Rita, who was curling herself into a ball in fear. With quick movement, Orphan severed the hands going towards her, he then quickly grabbed Rita off the ground with his spare arm that was not holding the light sword.

"Orphan-san," The girl looked up into the face of her saviour.

"Just stay like this." He said to Rita who he was holding under his arm. Rita simply gave a blank nod.

"What's wrong, Priest? Is this all you've got? The angels unable to find anyone with any competence?" The voice provoked.

"I guess it is about time I end it." Orphan says in a voice only he and Rita could hear.

The many branched out arms attacked Orphan and Rita from several different angles. Whilst still carrying Rita, Orphan skilfully dodged them all.

Orphan then ran in a zigzag, avoiding the arms trying to grab him, jumping left and right as the many arms didn't cease their assault.

"I've got you!" The eerie voice shouted. The arms had forced them up against a wall.

"Orphan-san!" Rita's voice was full of worry. All the arms were aiming at them together.

However, just before they reached them, Orphan jumped several metres straight into the air, dodging the hands. He quickly used his feet to push himself off the wall and towards Riku before the hands could change their trajectory. As the two flew through the air, Orphan sliced and severed the original arm that all the other arms were sprouting out of.

"You accursed priest!" The eerie voice shouted in anger, as all the arms fell to the ground and dissipated into the atmosphere.

Orphan, with nimble movement, placed Rita down, and quickly lunged towards Riku with his light sword. It pierced right through him.

"RIKU!" Rita screamed in horror at the scene before her.

"Rest assured, Rita-san. This blade only kills demons. Your brother will be fine." Orphan explains to the shocked girl.

"No matter how many of us you kill, you will never be rid of us," The voice declared.

"I'll just exterminate you one at a time, humans do not exist for the sake of being a devil's vessel," Orphan replied, his voice contained pure malice towards the being before him.

"Humanity was doomed from...the moment they were exiled...from the garden of Eden..." The voice disappeared after saying these words. The black aura faded away.

Riku's body began to collapse, Orphan hurriedly supported him and then placed him back in his bed.

"He'll be fine now," Orphan explained. Rita walked over to Riku's bedside and looked on at her little brother. His face's complexion was already improving. After making sure Riku was okay, Rita walked over to Orphan.

"Just what was that?" Rita asked.

Orphan, who realised she was not going to settle for anything less than a full explanation, sat himself down on the wooden floor and leaned his back against the wall.

"The illness that is being called the White Death is actually nothing more than what you just saw. It is caused by a devil trying to take control of a person's body, but the body is constantly rejecting them. The interior battle between the possessor, and the possessee. The body is unable to handle the strain of it all, thus killing the one they are trying to take over." Orphan explained.

"Devils?" Rita asked, despite what she saw, she had difficulty believing it. Orphan ignored her disbelief.

"Ironic how things have turned one hundred and eighty degrees. In the past clergymen tried to say, what was a virus, was actually due to the supernatural, and now doctors are trying to say something that is the supernatural, is a virus. You can't cure a virus with the supernatural, the same way you can't cure the supernatural with medicine. Both professions stepped outside of their specialty in the name of making a profit. Well, I guess this is what makes us all human." Orphan further explained.

Rita fell silent at this explanation. The occupation of doctor, it should have been about dedicating oneself to helping their fellow man. But after Rita recalled the face of the doctor she hired, she realised how untrue this was, it was just a get rich quick scheme, money before lives. That was the harsh reality.

"Yet, despite this, I decided. I will save as many lives as I can." Orphan declared with a serious face. Upon looking at the face of the boy who was the same age as her, Rita came to the opposite opinion that she had of the doctor.

This boy was a hero.