There was a huge explosion in the near by village by the Catholic echoed from every where. Houses were on fire,destroying one another,the fire engulfing everything in it's path expending deeper and deeper in to the green tanks were marching ubiquitously,shooting anything that moved and everything in it's were running amok with silvery bazukas and green tanks shooting back defending their home.
"Ahhh Mommy!"screamed a girl as she tripped and fell to the ground. to her child.
"Lilybeth!"yelled a women and run back for her child.
The women picked her child up and ran to the forest caring her little girl in her a girl with short brown hair and greenish eyes was flying thought the air in space laughing in enjoyment.
"Hahaha! This is So much fun!"
No wings, no floating in midair, high in the sky, arms spread to each side like an airplane's wings. She had an unusual outfit. Long red temple cultural pants and a white shirt with a small red thin bandanna on top of her head with a small flower bow on one hearing of her forced marriage to the north prince she had escaped from her brother's castle. She had a crystal red pendant with a golden thin metal string dangling from around her neck. Across from her was a small battle ship far away from her maybe one or two miles away. The battle ship detector started to beep loudly and one of the ship solders looked down at it. On it there was a small red dot. He turned his head to look at the ship captain and yelled" Captain! Something's is approaching the ship!"
The captain ordered the soldier to put it on the big screen and after seeing what the soldier had seen he ordered his army to prepare for fire being fully awake who it was.
"Yes sir!" said the solder saluting his captain.
He went to the bottom of the ship and yelled again" Anthony! Prepare to fire! Captains orders!"
"Heh. It's about time." said Anthony with a smirk excited.
He held one the fire weapon and coordinating the position for who the gun was support to fire at and prepares for the attack. The captain went to the radio station inside the ship and called the other ships" Come in! Come in! The target is in sight!"
"Roger sir! We're ready to fire." said one of the operators in the other ships.
The rest of the ships, about six or five of them got ready to fire after hearing the message. All the ship flew towards the flying girl. As the ships were close enough to shot her down the first ship attacked her. The girl dodged the first hit and summoning her attacked the ships blowing away two to three of them, but before she could recharge and summon her magic again one of the other ships fired at her with a laser beam knocking her out unconscious. She started to fall to the ground with enormous speed forming a fire around her as she broke through the earth atmosphere. She hit the ground creating an enormous hole through almost ΒΌ of the the glass building were everywhere and small shops with all kinds of foods were all over the place. People went screaming as the hit was destroying everything around them throwing citizens off in to the air. As soon as everything was calm again and the destruction had stopped some of the people who were still alive in the area the girl had fallen slowly walked to the giant hole, and slid inside to see what had fallen from the sky and created such a big distraction. Everyone stared at the center of the hole with surprise. In the middle of the hole there was a girl laying down to one side. As they stared at her one of the guys got closer to take a closer look and seeing a cross shaped on the side of her neck,he gently picked her up and just before he could start walking uphill someone screamed" You! Down there! What do you think you're doing!?
At the outside close to the edge of the hole outside of it was a police woman.
"Put this girl down this instant!"
"But ma'am she injured. She needs to be taken to the hospital for medical care." insisted the boy staring at the police women from the bottom of the hole.
"That girl is NOT human! It fell from the sky! If you don't want to get hurt I suggest putting IT down!" said the police women
"Human or NOT she is still a living creature and it needs to be put in the hospital for medical care!" said the boy raising his voice.
"I'm warning you boy!" insisted the police women and pointed her gun at him holding it with both hands" ."
"Heh! Sorry. No can do!"
The boy smirked at the police women, jumped off the ground and flew opening his big gray angel wings.
People muttered in disbelieve and fright as they saw the young boy fly in to the sky. The police women started shooting at him missing every shot. He turned around and stuck his tongue out at her with a smile.
"Get back here!" screamed the police women at him.
She took her walkie-talkie out of her pocket and said slightly calm" Sir the target is escaping. We have trouble. There seems to be someone assisting the girl. We may need more back up."
"Roger!"said an unknown girl's voice back.
The girl ran to the captain of the ship and explained everything in his ear. After he found out what the situation was he ordered one of his soldiers to get more men and women for back up.
"I want him captured and brought back to me alive!" ordered the captain.
"Roger sir!" said all of the soldiers.
The soldiers ran down to where the scene was and when they found the boy and the girl they attacked them with a surprise attack injuring the boys' left wing and surrounding them."Tch! This is troublesome!" said the boy in a low voice annoyed.
Then the general of the squad walked in. He was dressed in a soldiers uniform and had a scar across one of his eyes.
"Who are you?"demanded the boy his wing in pain
"That is to no importance to you. Please hand over the girl to us. We promise nothing will happen to her." said the general calm hands behind his back.
"Sorry general. She's off limits."
The boy smiled and formed a magic protective circle barrier around him and the girl. The boy used his powers and the ground around them arose and every piece of the building started to collapse except the spot witch the boy and girl were standing on. All the solders and the general fell to the ground with the collapsed pieces with fright in there eyes and screaming.
"See ya later losers!" smirked the boy.
Forcing himself he flew up in the air disappearing into the night. His injured wing was bleeding badly and he needed to stop and rest. He looked around for a safe place where the girl would be able to rest and as he saw a red colored hotel the boy stepped down putting his wings away making sure no one noticed sky had changed bright in the sky blue color to dark and the stars shined bright blinking one after walked in to the hotel and walked to the desktop.
"Excuse me how much does a room cost?" asked the boy.
"$25 for one person, $50 for two,$75 for tree and so on." said the reception desk girl writing something in her check book.
She stopped writing, put her pen down and said looking up at the two kids in front of her desk with the palms of her hands glued to one another and fingers tangled in to one another in front of her" How may I help you?"
As she saw the injured girl in the boys hands she freaked out and yelled"Oh my god! Mister! She- she's hurt! Please take her to a hospital!"
"She'll be fine. All she needs is a little rest. Can I please have a room for two?" said the boy calm.
"Mr. This is a hotel. Not a hospital."
"Miss your a beautiful girl. I'm sure you have a heart just as beautiful as your face. Won't you please let us stay here for a little while?" He got close to the girls face flirting with her.
"I~ Well~ I guess I could arrange things." blushed the reception desk girl.
"Thank you beautiful!" said the boy with a smile and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
She gave him the keys to room F3 and he walked in to the elevator and went up to the third floor. He walked to their room, went inside, and put the injured girl on one of the beds gently. Then he went to take a shower. The room was quiet. Fancy with two two-sided Giant black screen TV. A A beautiful chandelier and a small bar with all kinds of drinks. It was very big. Just like he liked it. He walked in to the bathroom, undressed and went in to the shower to refresh himself and clean his wound.
"Unnn-"groaned the girl waking up a bit.
The girl moved around the bed and pulled the pillow over from underneath her head. She moved her left leg over one of the pillow, the pillow in between her lefts.
"Mmmn-"said the girl again.
She slowly opened her eyes,still sleepy and got up sitting on the bed legs crossed and the pillow pushed to the side slightly.
"Where am I?" she said confused.
She stayed on the bed for a few minutes looking around trying to figure out where she was and as she heard the shower run she got off the bed sliding her self off it and walked to the bathroom door with slow steps. She opened the door and pop her head inside. Hesitating for a second she moved her feet and stepped inside.
"Who's in here?" she asked afraid, her guard up.
"You're finally awake I see. Would you please hand me the towel next to the pile of the clothing please?"required the young boy.
He stopped the shower water. Slid the shower door open a little and extended his hand waiting for the towel. The girl moved back slowly a couple of steps frightened of the unknown figure in the shower and run out of the bathroom. She looked for a place to hide. Finding a closet and opening the door to it she entered it and closed the door shut leaving the young boy hanging inside the shower.
"Hello? You there?" asked the boy feeling ignored.
He showed his head out the shower and when he saw that there was no one in there but him he signed and slid one of the showers glass doors fully open to the side. He stepped out the shower and walked to the pile of clothing in the basket next to the sink and wrapped it around his waist. He took another one and after brushing his flaming short hair he threw it over the back of his boy left the bathroom and as he walked to the fridge he said with a smirk teasing her"Hope you enjoyed the view inside there. Now why don't you just show you're self."
The room was silent. No sound, no nothing. Only the TV sound echoing thought out the room. He dried his body and conjured a new pair of clothing. He took the new blackish blue pair of jeans and gray boxers and dressed himself in them.
"You might as well come out .There's really no where to run you know."
He opened the fridge. As soon as he put his head in the refrigerator to look for something good to drink the girl opened the closet door and ran to the door of the he heard the closet door open he turned around and ran to the it slamming his hand on the door as girl opened it a smidge.
"Where do you think you're going cutie?"asked the boy staring at her in the eyes amused at the fact that she had tried to escape.
"It doesn't concern you!Release me!"yelled the girl bravely defending her self.
The boy gave her a smirked smile and raised an eye brow at her.
"Oh believe me sweetheart it does."
"Who are you!?Why are you holding me hostage!?What could you possible take away from me!?I have nothing to be stolen from!"
"Now need to get so aggressive. If I wanted to steal something from you I'd already have take 'd be no reason for me to keep you here."
"Then what is it!?Why wont you let me go!?"
"Because I need to protect you from those who were after you.I'm guessing you're feeling much better?Everything healed?"
"And why would I need protection from you?How do you even know me in the first place?You haven't answered my are you!?"
The boy stepped a couple of steps back away from her and said again bowing down slitly in a butlerly way.
"Oh I'm sorry for not introducing my name is Antony Highlight.I was ordered to watch over you by your brother princess Annabeth."
"I can take care of myself fully well!I don't need your help."
She crossed her arms staring at straitened him self back up and walked back to Annabeth. He reached for the key to the door and locked took the key and walked back to the refrigerator.
"If you did you wouldn't have been hurt now would you?"said Antony calmly.
"That was because-"
"Because what?If it wasn't for me you would be government experimented by should be thanking me for risking my own life for saving yours."
There was a small annoyance in his took a can of beer and pooped the top of it took a couple of big gulps of it and left it on the he conjured a new set of clothing for her and throw them at her.
"Take a shower and change in to this."ordered Antony
The young boy took the can of beer back in to his hand and started to drink it again,back turned to Annabeth.
She stared at the ground and bit her lip she looked up at him and said"You're it wasn't for you I may have been dead by now."
She gave him a small smile and said"So thank you for helping me."
Anthony looked to the back at where Annabeth was slitly pausing his run to the bathroom to take a shower, and get changed herself. Anthony smirked a pleasant smile and took one last sip of the beer,then left it back on the table .He took his black shirt from the couch and dressed his upper body sliding both of his arms in the shirts sleeve. Then he throw his black letter jacket over himself and slid his arms in the sleeves. While she was in the shower washing her hair she said annoyed" annoying. Another babysitter. How many is he really going to assign to watch me already!?"
She finished showering-washing her body with soap and her hair with shampoo, and took a towel from the pile full of dry clean bath towels. Annabeth gave a half-wicked smile and said "Well no worries. I'm sure I can scare him off like all the rest."
She dried herself ,and put on the dress. She exited the bathroom and said snapping at Anthony"Yo Anthony! Where's my stuff!? I need them brought to me right away!"
"But Princess Annabeth,wouldn't it be better if you wait till we arrive at your kingdom? We'll be going there in the morning anyways."said Anthony keeping his cool.
" Didn't you hear me? I said I want them now! So get to it!"
Anthony faked a smile.
"Yes Princess."
"Thank you. That's much better. Now fix my bed please."
She pointed to her room.
"As you wish."
He walked in to the second room where the second two-sided bed was, closed the door behind him and started fixing her bed while Annabelle was on the couch giggling at a show she was watching on the TV. Anthony rolled his eyes in annoyance fixing the bed.
"Great!She turned out to be a bratty one too!Just a little till morning and I don't have to deal with her bratty attitude anymore."
He kicked the side of the bed annoyed.
"Arrgh this is so annoying!"
"What's taking so long!?" yelled Annabeth from the living room.
"In a minute Miss" said Anthony thought his teeth.
After a second he entered the living room and bowing down a butlerly way and Annabelle asked staring him" Is my bed done?"
Anthony managed to keep his cool.
"Yes Princess."
She got up and entered her room and slid in to the bed. Anthony straitened himself and rolls his eyes annoyed" Brat!"
He went in to his room and fixed his bed. Then he slid in and after a couple of seconds they both fell asleep.