As Anthony and Annabeth woke up they got ready to leave the sat down on the table near the window in the brightly colored green walls still in her mickey mouse pjs. Anthony walked out of his room already dressed in his yesterday clothing and walked to the refrigeration. He opened the medium sized door and looked inside.
"Aren't you going to eat something?"Anthony looked at he princess.
"I'm thank you."
"Are you sure?I think you'll need it for the trip."
"I said I'm leave me alone dame it!"
"Woah calm 's an awfully rude way to act with someone who saved your life yesterday."
"I never asked you to save me in the first place."Annabeth crossed her arms.
"Yes,but I did so I'd like it if you were a tad nicer to me considering we'll be living together from now on."
The short black haired her jumped up from her chair looked at the boy cooking puzzled."What are you talking about?"
"Huh?I thought your brother would of told you by 're to be married by the end of next year."The boy looked at her in bewilderment.
She stared at him boy signed loosing sign of the food being cooked on the oven."Never mind . Obviously Sam didn't bother explaining."
He looked away,and looked again in the took out bags of ham and bacon and eggs and started preparing his meal on the oven
"What do you mean never mind!?You expect me to not ask questions after what you just told me!?"
"No.I'm simply saying that it doesn't 're brother will explain everything when we-ahhhh shit the food!dame it!"screamed Anthony as he noticed the food burning and the oil jumped from the frying pan on his skin.
"Ah are you alright!?"ran Annabeth to him worried.
"Yeah I'm fine. Ahh dame it!Now it's all burned!"
"Guess you should of been paying more attention to the food. What an idiot. Humph!"said Annabeth and walked away with her hands crossed.
Anthony signed annoyed"shut up and get ready to leave already."
Anthony threw out the burned food and cooked another eating, he went to the bathroom,he brushed his teeth and waited for Annabeth to finish cleaning herself shoved his hand in to his front side jeans pocket and took a couple of left two bucks on the table for the room service waitress and put the rest back in his threw his skull candy black backpack over his shoulder and turned to the bathroom door.
"You ready or not?"asked Anthony
"In a second!"yelled Annabeth from inside the room.
She threw on her black flurry dress with small pink hearts over it dress matched her black short to her shoulders hair,clear green eyes,and clear caramel baby face turned the knob of the bathroom door and entered the room that Anthony was in.
"Ready?"said Anthony.
She thew her pink small messenger bag over her head and the two left the hotel. While walking Anthony looking at Annabeth and asked"So why were you being chased?"
Annabeth being the short person she was looked up at him."Nothing stole a pandand from their military."Smiled the girl.
"What the fuck!?That's a dangerous thing to do!Do you realize what could of happened if you got caught!?"
"Yes I do, but I didn't get caught did I?"said Annabeth with a smile lifting her index finger at him and raising her eye brows slitly"No thanks to you."
"What if I hadn't came in time!?How can you be so careless!?Maybe I shouldn't have helped you'd probably learn your lesson"
The tone of his voice definitely indicated rolled her eyes with a small scoff"Geeez. Come down its no big deal."
Then she looked at him and said again "I'll be more careful next time okay?"
"Please do."
They walked to one of the churches close to the forest or at least that's what it looked like. Underneath it there was a whole other roaming a single human in sight,and if one ever made the mistake of trespassing on their grounds they world be ripped apart in an instant with out any hesitation. They entered the church and before opening the door to the demon world they looked around cautiously and with a few chanting words the portal opened and they entered it re-appearing in front of a big castle a few seconds walked up to the gate was a big wooden door cut in between with metal swirls designs on pushed it open and they entered inside two kids walked to the main room of the castle and entered the room was giant with all kind of ancient Chines to Japanese to Italian or Hawaiian decorations covering the room.
"Big brother!"screamed Annabeth with joy as she tackled her brother.
"Whoa! Heyy! Careful!"laughed her brother as he caught her and held his balance.
"Hey Sam!"said Anthony and waved at him his right hand shoved in his pocket.
"Hey Anthony. 'Sup?Haven't seen you for a while."said Sam his eyes averted at Anthony and letting his little sister down gently.
"Nothin' ?Heard you got the big prize this time."
"Oh I did and you wouldn't believe what it they gave me the most amazing car ever!it's so beautiful!"
" I ask why I was not informed about this marriage big brother?"said Annabeth her eyes closed and her hand behind her back facing her brother.
"You were not if you hadn't run off when i was trying to talk to you I would of told you about now on he'll be the one who'll be taking care of you and who you'll be spending time with."
"But I never asked for this!Why do I have to marry him!?I don't even know him!You don't expect me to just do what you tell me to do!? "yelled Annabeth with disbelieve at what was happening."I absolutely refuse to do so!"
Sam sighed covering his face with his hand.
"Annabeth...You've been refusing everyone you have met or anyone that has asked for your hand in up coming of age passed months can't keep on doing need to get married before this year ends or you won't be allowed to be the next for the 's the kingdoms must have a king to be a queen."
"Screw the rules!Maybe I don't want to become a queen!"yelled Annabeth angry at her brother.
"I'll leave you two to this.I'm out of here.I don't feel like dealing with this now."said Anthony and looked at Sam slid his left hand in his side pockets of his jeans,and walking out of the room
Sam quickly extended his hand and ran to Anthony grabbing him by the shoulder.
"Please wait!She doesn't know what she is saying!She just needs some time to adjust to the marriage idea with you."
Anthony turned his head a little glaring at Sam with a look that said"Don't touch me or you're dead!" and said
"We had a deal.I expect you to keep your part of it."Then he walked out brushing Sams hand away from his shoulder.
"What's the deal?" stared Annabeth at her brother
"Uhhh...Oh a a call."
Sam took out his phone, flipped it and walked out of the room pretending to talk on it with glared at him as he walked out annoyed.
" ."
She went up to her dark blue colored room with a white pattered stripes ,and flopped on her bed face in her pillow still couldn't believe her her marry some stranger who she didn't even know and on top of that, the fact that he was hiding something from her was filling her with a small rage.I mean yes he did save her and and yes she did know his name but other than that he was still just some stranger she met last night.
"Ahhhh!How annoying!"mumbled Annabeth her face buried in to her pillow.
After thinking for a little bit about how unfair this was and what she should do with this situation she calmed herself down and got she fixed her bed and went to sleep.